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lancia ypsilon

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    Report: Fiat to restrict Lancia to Italian market with one model

    Lancia has been on the decline for decades. But those lingering fans of the marque will be disheartened to learn of what Sergio Marchionne plans to do with it next. Speaking with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Marchionne indicated that the Lancia brand will be stripped down to one model, and ...

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    Official: Fiat Group bringing bagful of new models to Bologna Motor Show

    Of all the major international auto shows on the calendar each year, the Bologna Motor Show may not rank among the most important. But it is vital for the Fiat Group, whose numerous brands make up more than just one lion's share of the Italian auto industry. As such, it's not a show for Fiat to ...

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    Official: Chrysler shows off new Lancia-based Delta and Ypsilon models

    The spawn of the Chrysler-Fiat merger has made its way to the English market, in the form of the 2012 Chrysler Delta and 2012 Chrysler Ypsilon. If they look familiar, that's because these cars are cribbed directly from the Lancia range. The Ypsilon is available with Fiat's 0.9-liter TwinAir, ...

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    Report: Chrysler reportedly cancels plans to bring rebadged Lancia Ypsilon, Delta to North America

    2012 Lancia Ypsilon – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Lancia launched the new Ypsilon at the Geneva Motor Show early last month, it joined its sister-companies' Fiat 500 and Alfa Romeo MiTo in the Italian auto group's premium hatchback line-up. But while the model is being ...

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    Geneva 2011: 2012 Lancia Ypsilon is a tiny taste of things to come

    2012 Lancia Ypsilon – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Take a good long look at the Lancia Ypsilon. If not because it's a vital new product for one of the oldest marques in autodom, then because it's also slated to wear a Chrysler badge one day soon. That Lancia and Chrysler are ...

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    Lancia launches all-new Ypsilon premium hatch ahead of Geneva debut

    2012 Lancia Ypsilon – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Italy's assault on the Mini's territory has more prongs than a drawer full of forks and involves more brands and labels than a department store. On the one hand, there's the ever-popular Fiat 500. On the other is the Alfa Romeo ...

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    Lancia confuses us with Diva Collection Ypsilon and Musa

    Lancia Ypsilon and Musa "Diva Collection" – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ever get the feeling that Italian cars – short of top-flight supercars, anyway – are more about style than they are about substance? If you haven't, then have a look at the latest from Lancia. ...

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    Lancia Centro Stile sketches would make interesting Chryslers

    Lancia Centro Stile concept sketches – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Lancia's website links to Centro Stile, the design section of the brand, where you can find all manner of concepts drawn by the same people who might be trading crayons with Chrysler's designers by the end of the ...

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    Rumormill: Next-gen Lancia Ypsilon could come Stateside as a Chrysler

    Lancia Ypsilon Versus Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Too close for comfort or exactly what the Pentastar needs, that depends on your point of view. But Chrysler and Lancia – the two pseudo-premium brands under the Fiat-Chrysler partnership – are growing closer ...

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    Francois appointment points to more cooperation between Chrysler and Lancia

    Amidst the confirmation that chief executive Sergio Marchionne was splitting off the Dodge Ram truck unit into its own division of the Chrysler Group came the announcement of some executive re-shuffles in Auburn Hills. Among them, Lancia CEO Olivier Francois was appointed head of the Chrysler ...

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    Paris '08 Preview: Lancia Ypsilon Versus edition

    Click for hi res gallery of the Versus edition Lancia Ypsilon The other day I was sitting at a beachside bar where they had Fashion TV playing on flatscreens around the place and I couldn't help notice that while some of the stuff looked great, the rest looked horrible. Looks like the same trend ...

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    Lancia to target MINI with all-new 2009 Ypsilon

    We're a peace-lovin' bunch here at Autoblog, but truth be told, we love it when the British and the Italians fight. Conflict between these two automaking nations has produced such rivalries as Ferrari vs. McLaren, Aston Martin vs. Maserati and Alfa Romeo vs. Jaguar. Lately the duel has been ...

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    Lancia's own version of 8C Competizione to spearhead rejuvenation

    click above for more high-res images of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Reports are emanating from Holland on Lancia's upcoming product-led rejuvenation, and for the niche Italian automaker, the future looks bright. At the Geneva Auto Show next month, Lancia is expected to unveil the production ...


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