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13Brutus motorcycle is half an ATV

Take an old three-wheeler and lop off one of those big balloon tires in the back and you've got the basic concept of the Brutus (not to be confused with the electric-powered, US-built Brutus). But there's more to this bad bike than bloated, knobby tires.

5Caterham 7 special outfitted by Lambretta

Caterham Seven Lambretta Special Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery

1Wheego to introduce electric Lambretta GP200e scooter?

Based on an advertisement in the latest issue of Scoot! Magazine (via our friends at 2 Stroke Buzz), Wheego is currently working on a new electric scooter that looks to be built atop a vintage-style Lambretta platform. Beyond that, details are decidedly scarce. It's possible that Wheego is working with Scooters India Limited – a company that acquired the rights to build the Italian-designed scooters from Innocenti in the early 1970s – but this is just conjecture.

AddThis isn't the first scooter boom in the U.S.

Scooters first became popular in war-torn Europe after the first few world-wide spats broke loose and conspired to ruin the economies of a great many countries, not the least of which was Italy. The boot-shaped nation responded by embracing small, economical scooters, especially the wasp-like two-stroke Vespa. From there, it didn't take long for the scooter craze to pick up steam as subsequent models gained more power, more gears and, therefore, more top-speed and acceleration. By the sixties, t

AddIt's Friday: Ever wonder what's really powering your Lambretta?

Click on the image above to watch the video

AddItaljet scooters are coming back to America

Perhaps I am showing too much of my inner scooter-geek-dom with this post, but I am really excited that Italjet scooters are coming back to the American market. One reason is that these scooters are really just super-cool looking. That means that America's style-conscious buyers might be more inclined to consider them as a viable means of transportation. I mean, there is a good reason that Vespa scooters have become an icon, and it's because they are fashionable. Just like a Prius is an eco-cool

AddUK Transportation Chief rides a scooter, tells others to ride the bus

I picked up this little story from The Scooter Scoop, which I can always count on to have funny little blurbs of interest. It seems that UK Transportation Chief Martin Mullaney has been chided for not taking his own advice, which is to ride the bus to work. The problem? He rides his scooter. I can appreciate the Lambretta myself, being a lover of most things on two wheels, but those old two-stroke motors are quite the polluters. Modern scooters are almost all four-strokers these days, and the tw

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