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lamborghini reventon

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    VIDEO: Saudi hits Lamborghini Reventon vMax of 222 MPH

    Lamborghini Reventon hits 222 mph: Click above to watch the video.
    The Lamborghini Reventon is a very rare bird, indeed. There are only 20 copies in existence, and the asking price for the king of Lambos is a cool $1.4 million. For that kind of coin, owners have every right to expect ...

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    Is Lamborghini preparing a Reventon Roadster?

    Lamborghini Reventon - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Lamborghini said it was going to make just 20 examples of the Reventon. And it did. But the raging bull didn't say anything about following that run up with some Reventon roadsters. At least, that's the talk coming out of the UK, where ...

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    More Lambo shoes: Reventon sneakers!

    Tim Cooper came up with a hideous set of pumps inspired by the Lamborghini Gallardo. Now, a French designer at Subaru in Japan has come up with sneakers that pull their inspiration from the Lamborghini Reventon. They're a little blunt at the front, but otherwise -- and as one might expect -- ...

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    Seven of 20 Lamborghini Reventons for sale... on one website??

    Lamborghini Reventon - Click above for high-res gallery
    When Lamborghini announced its Reventon luxury exotic with a production quota of 20 copies, we assumed the €1 million supercar would be snatched up quickly by the rich and hidden from the rest of the world. The 20 Reventons sold quickly, ...

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    Lamborghini Reventon up for sale in Silicon Valley

    Click above to view more of the Lamborghini Reventon up for sale
    Even with a limited run of 20, a seven-figure price tag and ten making to the United States, you can bet there were more people who wanted to get their hands on a Lamborghini Reventon than there were examples on the market. However, ...

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    Lamborghini delivers final Reventon to British customer

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the final Lamborghini Reventon Lamborghini has cultivated an image for fast and exclusive supercars, but the Reventon broke the mold. Although rumors at one point suggested that the exotic automaker would increase the production run, Lamborghini stuck to ...

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    Tanner tests his Top Gear skills on the Lambo Reventon

    One-third of American Top Gear, Tanner Foust, spent a day in the Lamborghini Reventon, and here's his verdict: "Thumbs up big girl!" The fractional bit of additional horsepower didn't mean much to him, but he did say the brakes were more capable, and, surprise, the car is quite wide and people like ...

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    Veno supercar from Poland looks like someone we know

    Click above for a gallery of the Veno.Apparently, dreaming up a new design for a rarefied vehicle is too difficult for Veno Automotive, a Polish spinoff of UK-based Heros Capital Ltd. Rather than relying on design experts, with their fancy degrees and engineering knowledge, the company cribbed the ...

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    Lambo Reventon exhaust gets plasma-sprayed ceramic coating

    Click above to view the Lamborghini Reventon in high res Automotive news moves fast. Sometimes faster than a Lamborghini supercar, even. Take the Reventon, which by now seems like yesterday's news. But after being revealed back in October 2007, Lamborghini has yet to begin delivering the $1.5 ...

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    Reventon style for future Lamborghinis, lightweight architectures planned

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lamborghini Reventon.Speaking at the old Fiat Lingotto factory in Turin, Italy, Volkswagen Group's Design Director, Walter De Silva, discussed the future of VW, Audi and Lamborghini, keeping light on specifics, but offering more fuel for the speculative ...

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    Lamborghini Reventón goes for a ride over Turin

    Click above to view gallery of Lamborghini Reventón flown over TurinLook! Up in the sky... it's a bird... it's a plane... it's an extremely rare and expensive supercar being suspended hundreds off feet of the ground by an Italian military helicopter! That's right, Lamborghini got the bright ...

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    Lamborghini Reventon #01/20 arrives at Vegas dealership

    Click above for photo gallerySometimes people say the best gifts come in small packages. We beg to differ, because if someone were to deliver us the big 'ol box you see above, we'd probably think it was the best gift ever. In that box is Lamborghini Reventon number one of twenty. Apparently, it's ...

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    April Foolery? Magvisio's stillborn Lamborghini Ferruccio

    Click above to view Magvisio's Lamborghini Ferruccio in hi-res Anything you can do, I can do better. That's pretty much been Lamborghini's attitude towards arch-rival Ferrari since Ferrucio Lamborghini starting building sportscars to spite Enzo Ferrari. Fast forward 45 years and with both men gone, ...

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    April Fools already? Lamborghini offers branded barf bag

    Lamborghini apparently has a sense of humor; how else would you explain the exotic brand's website using an image of a small paper bag with a bull logo and the automobili Lamborghini script, described as a sick bag, as the entry to the merchandise section of its website? If the performance of its ...

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    VIDEO: Lamborghini Reventon

    There are some photogenic cars that take your breath away just from the pictures. And there are others that you have to see in the flesh to appreciate. Then there are a few – like the Lamborghini Reventon – that fit both: each picture speaks a thousand words, but seeing it up close ...

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    Lamborghini wants to sell 20% more cars without creating a third model

    Lamborghini's pushing to ring up 3,000 sales per year, about 500 more than they currently move. Were they to drop a new Miura, revived LM002, or some other new model, they'd likely reach that target without any problem. Lambo Capo Rupert Stadler isn't in favor of spending the considerable ...

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    2007 Class of The World's Most Beautiful Automobiles

    Click the image above for a hi-res gallery of the Reventón The Lamborghini Reventón has been named L'Automobile più Bella del Mondo. Translation: The World's Most Beautiful Automobile. It earned this honor in the Special Models category of this annual automotive fashion show, ...

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    Who's faster? Lamborghini Reventon vs. Tornado jet fighter

    Click image for photo galleryCar vs. jet stunts are kind of ridiculous, but they're entertaining nonetheless. The more exotic the hardware, the better the entertainment, and Lamborghini's Reventón is about as exotic as it gets these days. In a made-for-TV showcase (no, we haven't found video ...

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    VIDEO: Lamborghini Reventon from behind the wheel

    click above image to view the Lamborghini Reventon in actionThe Lamborghini Reventon is among the rarest and most exotic cars on Earth, and it's 650-hp V12 and lightweight components make it one of the best performers, too. Unfortunately, the Italian automaker has decided to produce only 20 ...

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    Hyundai sports car concept coming to LA Auto Show, along with 14 world debuts

    When the dust settles at the Los Angeles auto show next month, at least 14 world debuts will have taken place, along with 30 North America unveilings. Amidst the premiers, expect to see a concept version of Hyundai's new RWD sports car (also to be shown in London), along with Nissan's restyled ...


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