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79For just $3K, you too can have a homebuilt Lamborghini... sort of

Chinese Lamborghini replica – Click above for high-res image gallery

31eBay Find of the Day: Solstice-based Lamborghini Murcielago replica

Click above for gallery of the Solstice Lamborghini

48Ultimate Fiero resurrection: Lamborghini Reventon replica

What to do when you want the style of a Lamborghini without the obscene payment? Seek refuge in GM's stunted program of 1980s awesomeness, the Fiero, that's what. Armed with time and skill, a steel fabricator from Canada named Woody has done an incredible job transforming a $60 mid-engined Pontiac wedge into an amazing homage to the Reventon. Obviously talented, the finished Woodighini is going to be incredible, Woody's done a fine job of transferring the Reventon's proportions to the Fiero's ch

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