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125Owner ships Lambo from Qatar to London (and back) for oil change

A wealthy Arab man, thought to be a Sheikh, recently had his black and gold Lamborghini LP640 flown 3,250 miles to London via Qatar Airways and trucked to a certified UK Lamborghini dealership last Friday for a fluid change, which cost him a paltry £3,552 compared to the £20,000 round-trip flight. That's a grand total of £23,552 ($46,644 USD) for a friggin' oil change.

19Fastest Lambo Ever: Edo Competition hits 214 MPH with LP640 at Nardo

Click image for a gallery of the record-setting LP640

6Enter the rumormill: $1.5 million limited-edition Lambo coming

This is by no means substantiated in any way other than a forum post, but a member of the FerrariChat forum is reporting that Lamborghini will privately unveil a new supercar based on the LP640 Murcielago (shown) and costing $1.5 million to a select group at the Pebble Beach Concours this week. The rumor goes that 20 will be made, with 15 earmarked for the U.S., and that the new supercar's official unveiling will occur at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. We have people on the ground at the P

29Pop quiz, hot shot: 24 hours with a Lambo LP640 roadster. What would you do?

A former Autoblogger is in need of your help. Chris Paukert, current online editor for Winding Road, former Autoblog editor and, at least next week, official lucky bastard, had a visit from his boss who promised him the keys to a Lamborghini LP640 roadster for a day. Paukert has a gas card, the company credit cards, and 24 hours to shoot the shoot the car for his March issue before the bull goes back in its cage.

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