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labor agreement

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    Report: Early voting on Chrysler UAW contract not looking good

    The Detroit News reports that Chrysler workers are none too happy with the proposed four-year labor agreement drawn up by the Auburn Hills automaker and the United Auto Workers. UAW Local 372 has voted against ratification of the plan, with just 45 percent of members voting for the measure. The ...

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    Report: Ford-UAW deal nears approval despite early dissent

    Automotive News reports that the United Auto Workers is close to ratifying a new labor agreement with Ford. The union says that 63 percent of its members have voted in favor of the four-year deal, and that a total of 15,862 workers had voted for the agreement. The UAW said that 9,375 ballots have ...

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    Report: UAW, Ford reach tentative agreement [UPDATE]

    Ford and the United Auto Workers have agreed to a tentative labor agreement, according to Automotive News. The pact makes Ford the second domestic automaker to come to reach an accord with the labor union, and the deal covers some 41,000 workers. The agreement is expected to be discussed in ...

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    What GM/UAW workers lose: Free divorces and legal help

    Both General Motors and the United Auto Workers have had to make concessions in the most recent round of talks that led to the tentative labor agreement that's currently awaiting ratification. But what exactly did workers give up in the process? For starters, GM employees will cease to enjoy free ...

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    Breaking: GM and UAW reach tentative labor agreement [UPDATED]

    Contract negotiations between General Motors and the United Auto Workers have led to a tentative agreement on a new labor deal, pending ratification by membership. Specifics of the four-year contract, agreed upon last night at around 11:00 PM, have not been released, but in an official ...

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    Report: UAW "leans toward" striking Ford if deal isn't reached

    The United Auto Workers are currently negotiating new labor contracts with The Detroit Three. Due to bankruptcy restrictions, UAW members working at General Motors and Chrysler and can't go on strike. Ford, on the other hand, didn't get a no-strike clause since it didn't go through the bankruptcy ...

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    In case you were interested: The unabridged official UAW-GM contract

    For any of you with more than a passing interest in what actually settled the strike, the full contract between GM and the UAW has been posted. It's 24 pages of minutiae, from relocation allowances to health insurance and, of course, pay. It speaks for itself -- and for the UAW and GM. Some will ...


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