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    Michelin considers returning to F1... with some conditions

    A tire war could be sparked in Formula One within a couple of seasons if Michelin gets what it wants. The French tire manufacturer ceased its participation in the sport after F1 moved to a single-supplier formula, selecting Bridgestone as its partner. But with Bridgestone set to leave at the end ...

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    Kumho Fortis - What if a tire manufacturer made an electric SUV?

    Kumho Fortis concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to Korean tire manufacturer Kumho, our future may yet be filled with SUVs after all. Unlike yesteryear's gas-guzzling behemoths, though, tomorrow's multi-purpose vehicles will be fully electric and powered by lithium ion ...

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    Burned Rubber: Kumho delays holiday bonuses indefinitely

    Rubber factory workers in South Korea haven't had a very happy holiday season this year, and they can blame it on the negative traits of the trickle-down effect. Because Hyundai/Kia has been hit as hard as any other automaker in this economic crisis, business has been down for the country's ...

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    Kumho keeps a low profile with world's first 15 Series tire

    Click above to enlarge, though they don't get much bigger than that
    How low can you go? That's the big question in the tire-making industry, where profile sizes keep getting lower and lower. Sooner or later they're going to be spraying layers of rubber on a wheel with a pocket of air injected ...

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    Kumho creates eco-friendly "Epoch" race concept

    Click images to enlargeIs the future of racing one populated with bamboo-framed cars with rubber components and magnetic propulsion? Well, according to Kumho Tire, yes. The design study seen here is called the Epoch, and it is the "blue sky" concept brainchild of Kumho designer Rob Dolton. Epoch is ...

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    Kumho obviates need for scented tree air fresheners with new tires

    In a story that seems to resurface every so often, Kumho is apparently ready to introduce the scented tires we first reported on back in 2005. The new Kumho Ecsta DX series is available in three different sizes and is engineered to smell like lavender instead of rubber. Later on, orange and jasmine ...

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    Video: Michelin Tweel in motion

    It's been well over a year since Michelin unveiled its take on the future of the tire, the airless Tweel. The odd-looking invention pairs a replaceable outer rubber layer with a central alloy hub joined by polyurethane ribs. Judging by this video, it would appear that the tire manufacturer is ...

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    Goodyear blows out 1,500 jobs, shutters European plants

    Goodyear Tire & Rubber has announced plans to slash 1,500 jobs in an effort to save $50 million dollars. The world's largest tire company will reach those goals in part by shuttering plants in Britain and Poland. Part of its restructuring efforts that began last September, the manufacturer ...


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