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86Two-car households may soon be a thing of the past [w/video]

Analysts Say Long-Term Trend Could Weaken Auto Sales

16Auto execs surveyed say VW, BMW most likely to grow

A new survey of top global automotive executives indicates both Volkswagen and BMW are the most likely to grow their market share over the next five years.

68Global auto execs don't see electric cars making big inroads for at least a decade

A new survey by audit powerhouse KPMG suggests auto executives don't see electrified car sales passing 15 percent of global sales until at least 2025. Yet despite the slowly developing market, these same execs foresee substantial increased investment in electric and hybrid car production along with research and development. Given very limited consumer acceptance of hybrid cars since their U.S. introduction back in late 1999 (gas-electric new car sales are still around two percent), cautious sale

1764% of energy industry execs see oil prices exceeding $121 a barrel in 2011

Energy industry executives expect continued volatility in the price-per-barrel of oil for the remainder of 2011, with 64 percent predicting that crude prices will exceed $121 per barrel, according to results from the 9th Annual Energy Survey conducted by the KPMG Global Energy Institute.

9Ford retains KPMG to have a look at Jag's and Rover's books

Ford isn't wasting any time or taking any chances with the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover. The Blue Oval has hired accounting firm KPMG to go over the English carmakers' books to get them in shape for sale. Specifically, KPMG is tasked with getting the automaker's financial paperwork ready for examination by potential buyers, and to give "a clear picture of Jaguar and Land Rover's performance as businesses separate from the influence of Ford." KMPG's duties will also include looking at the compan

AddAustralian car makers must shift to greener vehicles - KPMG

Fuel misers like the Civic Hybrid have caught buyers' eyes in Australia.

AddAuto industry execs say high gas prices have "permanently" changed car buying

As gas prices fluctuated up and down over the last year, car buyers were more and then less interested in smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. But the overall landscape has shifted to one where car buyers will constantly be looking for vehicles that are burn less fuel to get around.

AddNavistar to-do list: Restate company financials, hire new auditor

Earlier this year, Navistar delayed the filing of its annual report and blamed it on accounting errors by its auditor. Now, the truckmaker has stated that it will fire Deloitte and Touche and will retain the services of KPMG for its auditing needs. The relationship with Deloitte went back nearly a century.

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