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    Report: Top Gear global conquest continues with South Korean series

    The sun may have long since set on the British Empire, but the UK's finest export doesn't appear to be showing any signs of slowing down its global expansion. After setting up studios in Australia, the United States, Russia, China and more – not to mention the countless editions of the ...

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    Hyundai launches Genesis Prada sedan in South Korea

    As recently as a decade ago, mentioning brands like Hyundai and Prada in the same sentence would have seemed laughable. But today's Hyundai is a very different company with a very different image. And no car could sum up such a transformation more than the Genesis. Two years ago, the Korean ...

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    GM repays another billion of its debt

    General Motors continues to clean up its ledger book, and the latest transaction has GM wiping $1 billion off the table. In Korea, the GM Daewoo Auto & Technology subsidiary, otherwise known as GM Daewoo, plans to pay back the 10-figure debt it owes to its Korean revolving credit facility. The ...

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    How does Hyundai do business in the shadow of war?

    In the event of war, you can't hurl Hyundais at the enemy Former General Motors Chairman Rick Wagner used to talk of "externalities," those uncontrollable factors that he routinely blamed for the humbled automaker's continuing decline. Other industry leaders preferred the term "headwinds," but ...

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    Report: White House working to finalize free trade deal with Korea

    The Detroit News reports that the U.S. government and South Korea are working to finalize a free trade deal in advance of the November 11 G20 summit in Seoul. The two countries already came to an agreement back in 2007, but the Bush administration didn't submit the pact to Congress for approval. ...

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    U.S. reportedly asks South Korea to adopt American emissions, safety standards

    The powers-that-be in the States are working on getting the go-ahead for a free trade agreement, like NAFTA, but this time with South Korea. The agreement itself was signed and sealed in 2007, but it hasn't actually gone into effect yet because Congress won't approve it, and that's because of two ...

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    2010 Korean Grand Prix: Yeongam begins its Rain of Terror [Spoilers]

    2010 Korean Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The cars aren't the only thing that move fast in Formula One; everything's on an accelerated scale, even the calendar. It seems every new season in the modern era of F1 demands a new race. In 2004, Bahrain and Shanghai were ...

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    Even growing up in New York City barely prepares you for the sprawling metropolis that is Seoul, South Korea. Spend a few days wandering the increasingly affluent town and you'll be hard-pressed to miss the many coffee shops, seemingly at least one on every block. Seoul is a highly caffeinated ...

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    Woman gets Kia Soul after passing drive test on 960th try

    Kia Soul – click above for high-res image gallery
    We like to think of ourselves as pretty determined folk here the United States. After all, our forebearers forged our country out of a wild and unsettling terrain, fought off tyrants, cooked up some of the most amazing inventions of the last ...

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    GM design studio opens in South Korea, draws first spaceship picture

    Seoul Advanced Design Studio concept – Click above for high-res image
    The General Motors Seoul Advanced Design Studio has been putting out images for at least a year, but GM is only now making the announcement that it's officially open. Our initial joy was tempered by the fact that GM has ...

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    Report: Asian automakers closing in on 50% share of U.S. auto sales

    While it may come as no surprise that Asian car companies are constantly gaining market share in the U.S. market, the actual numbers are quite amazing. Ten years ago, companies like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai and the rest accounted for a little more than one-quarter of total light-vehicle ...

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    VIDEO: More on the Korean supercar named Spirra

    Spirra on CNN – Click above to watch video after the jump
    A little while back we saw some glammy B-roll of Oullim Motor's Spirra – Korea's first supercar – running around Seoul with some of Italy's big dogs. While the Spirra might have lacked the visual punch of the F430 and ...

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    Role Reversal: Toyota launches in South Korea to battle Hyundai

    2010 Toyota Camry – Click above for high-res image gallery
    In this topsy-turvy economy, Hyundai is making serious headway against its Japanese rivals. While the Korean automaker has surpassed Honda and Nissan, to name just two, Toyota remains in the lead by a wide margin. But that doesn't ...

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    Trio of bulletproof presidential Hyundai Equus limos are first-ever armored stretches built in Korea

    Hyundai Equus LV500 Limousine – Cick above for high-res image gallery
    By now, vehicles like the Genesis and Equus have convinced most of how far Hyundai's come from bring the purveyors of punchline hatchbacks. But in case that wasn't enough, Hyundai has dropped the ...

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    Aim Higher: GM Daewoo reportedly suing TagAZ over fears they are planning to copy the Lacetti

    In what looks like a serious-but-probably-the-norm case of industrial espionage, General Motors' South Korean Daewoo division is reportedly alleging that the Russian automaker TagAZ has tried to copy its Lacetti sedan. Backing up those allegations are the arrests of two TagAZ engineers – ...

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    VIDEO: KDM Hyundai Tucson iX is a Sexy Utility Vehicle... just ask Britney Spears?!

    Hyundai Tucson iX commercial from Korea – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    It doesn't seem that long ago that Beck was singing about picking up his date in a Hyundai. (Check out "Debra" – best song ever). Only he was kidding. And it was funny. Damn funny, actually. But ...

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    Hyundai-Kia overtakes Ford to become world's 4th largest automaker

    2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you were shocked by the news from around this time last year that the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group had jumped up to 5th in the global standings of the world's largest car manufacturers, you'll be just as surprised by the ...

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    Americans warming to idea of Chinese, Indian autos?

    Geely GE – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We've known for a while now that Mexicans are getting some Chinese cars with their ten gallon jars of pickles, but what about Americans? Would we go for vehicles from another country from across the Pacific? There's a wonderful moment at ...

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    Spy Shots: Rakish 2011 Hyundai Sonata draws closer

    2011 Hyundai Sonata spy photos: Click above to view a gallery
    Hyundai has really upped its game with new entries like the Genesis Coupe and Sedan, but right now its high volume products like the midsize Sonata are simply "good enough." The Korean automaker has already committed to big plans ...

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    Ssangyong preparing to lay off nearly 40% of workforce by end of June?

    Ssangyong Motor Company is still struggling to gain traction after it ceased production late last year and slipped into receivership earlier this year. It restarted its production lines in February, but even the company director, Lee Yu-Il, says volume is still far too slow. To deal with matters, ...


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