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    Video: Switzer-tuned Nissan GT-R takes on Koenigsegg CCR

    Koenigsegg CCR Evolution vs. the Swtizer P800 Nissan GT-R – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Mindless entertainment should still be entertaining, and the runway supercar shootouts posted by the folks at always deliver. This time it's two races pitting an 800-horsepower ...

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    Saab, Swedish gov't in Detroit to discuss brand's future

    Don't write off Saab just yet. While last week's announcement that Koenigsegg Automotive AB had pulled its offer for the homeless brand was a painful kick to the gut, it seems there are still a few companies interested in taking the automaker under its wings. With that in mind, and interested in ...

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    Koenigsegg developing 700bhp four-door

    click above image for high-res gallery of the Koenigsegg CCXWe've seen stretched out exotics before, but Koenigsegg is reportedly planning on producing a model with four doors right from the factory. Carbon-fiber saloons from the Swedish automaker have been undergoing testing for the past two ...

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    Once more with feeling: SSC Ultimate Aero TT ready for another record speed run

    They're at it again. The folks at Shelby SuperCars (SSC) are about to take one more crack at the record books. They have just released a statement saying that they hope to hold the official title of "World's Fastest Production Car" by the end of the month. SSC has done all the paperwork to make ...

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    SSC confident Ultimate Aero TT will be will be world's fastest soon

    A few days ago we reported about Shelby Super Car's (SSC) attempt at the worlds fastest car title and now we have an unofficial update. We just got word from a trackside observer that the record was NOT broken. After getting snowed out on day 1, the cast and crew reconvened on Highway 93 in Nevada ...


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