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    Official: Canada's Conquest Vehicles shows off first unarmored vehicle, Evade [w/video]

    The wheeled bomb shelter known as the Knight XV has been Toronto fabricator Conquest's only vehicle for a few years now. No longer, as the Evade, an unarmored SUV – we use the acronym "SUV" very lightly – becomes the follow-up beast. The family resemblance is obvious, yet the Evade ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #88

    UPDATE: Back by popular demand, direct download of the podcast has been added as a link below.The biggest news of the past week: the suckfest that was the Knight Rider movie. Alex liveblogged it so that we didn't have to watch. Sure it was crap, but was it really that bad? The original was a ...

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    Pics from the set of Knight Rider TV show

    While it might be a dubious pursuit to rehash old B-level (or lower) TV series for a new generation, the possibility of a crap product has never stood in the way before. Indeed, the retreading of Knight Rider is underway, with shoots already taking place. Love it or hate it, it will hit the small ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: KITT up for sale

    This is a picture-perfect reproduction of the Knight Industries 2000. Unfortunately, after all that money and man-hours, the gooey center is still an '80s F-Body. Canadian seller zapper80 has done an awesome job putting this car together, and claims a cost of over $40,000 CDN. Zapper80 cites ...

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    Sir Carlos the Turbohearted: Ghosn to receive honorary knighthood

    Renault-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn is being honored by the UK for his "contribution to relations between the UK and Japan". Ghosn will be appointed "Honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire" (which, incredibly, actually has nothing to do with either Dungeons and Dragons or the Lord of the ...


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