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43eBay Find of the Day: Italianate 1991 Acura NSX

Acura NSX meets Lamborghini – Click above for high-res image gallery

16Heynsdyk 2500SF puts that old Porsche 944 to good use

Heynsdyk 2500SF – Click above for high-res image gallery

34VIDEO: Mythbusters tests skipping Lambo from Speed Zone, a.k.a. Cannonball Run 3

Mythbusters car skipping test -- Click above to watch video

26eBay Find of the Day: Chevrolet C5 Corvette-based Saleen S7 replica roadster

C5 Corvette based Saleen S7 replica - click above image for hi-res gallery

44VIDEO: Super Replicas' Lamborghini Reventon clone isn't fooling anyone

Follow the jump to see footage of the Super Replica Lamborghini Reventon

22Retroforza gives Mazda Miata a Ferrari complex

Click above for a gallery of the RetroForza Italia

15Update: Bailey Blade hit hard in bad economy, adds green options

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Bailey Blade

12Factory Five modernizes the '33 Coupe

Click above for more shots of the '33 Hot Rod from Factory Five Racing

22Update: Baileyspeed Blade gets makeover, pricing

Back in November, we brought you the story of a real-life dream-to-reality car story. It was the tale of Neal Bailey, who was taking the best details of the cars he loved and creating his dream car.

23How many special edition Mustangs is too much? Meet the Miastang

click above for more images of the M1Stang "Miastang"

1Arkansas adopts SEMA custom car title legislation

We recently reported how SEMA had helped get new kit and custom car registration legislation passed in Virginia. Well, the razorbacks didn't want their Southern rivals to get too far ahead and recently passed a similar bill of their own. Arkansas made changes to their vehicle titling and registration classifications for street rods and created a new class for custom vehicles too. The bill was recently signed into law by Governor Mike Beebe after being approved by the Arkansas State Legislature.

25Real pics of GTM 40TR - the Ariel Atom slayer

Earlier this month we showed you a rendering of the GTM 40TR, a bare-framed racer with two seats strapped to a Honda Type R engine (reports have power ranging from 197 bhp to 220). It looked just as minimalist if not more than the Ariel Atom, a car to which the GTM has been constantly compared. Courtesy of Coolbrit.net, we now have a couple pics of the 40TR, which show that indeed, the drawing didn't lie. It's hard to judge a car like this or the Atom on aesthetics, when it's quite obvious the e

10Best Halloween costume ever: Have your engine go as a Lambo V12

You've spent the past couple of years and untold thousands of dollars turning your late-model Corvette into what you REALLY wanted but couldn't quite afford, a Lamborghini. The car has all the outrageously over-the-top styling you could ever hope for with the bulletproof Chevy small block giving more than adequate performance while offering much better reliability and durability. The interior has been customized to match, as much as practical, that of the Italian supercar as well. The one thing

15Superformance rebuilds the original GT40 to spec

Most kit cars we come across are near faithful representations of their muse. Unfortunately, there's always something a little off about the design that doesn't quite match up with the way we remember the original, and nearly always they're only skin deep, offering up merely the appearance of authenticity with the substance of something much lesser. Superformance, the producers of the best Cobra and Cobra Daytona Coupes replicas in the business, builds something a little more than a "kit car". A

7Kit car double-take: Cyclone apes Murcielago

The Cyclone is a full on kit car produced by a German company that is inspired by the Lamborghini Murcielago. Perhaps "inspired" is the wrong word. One has to wonder if Lamborghini and its parent company VW/Audi are drafting a cease and desist letter as we speak. The Cyclone even mimics the Murcielago right down to the extendable air inlets ahead of the rear wheels. The ironic part is that the Cyclone is powered by a trio of Audi engines. The mid-engine German sportscar can be ordered with an Au

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