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kim jong-il

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    Dictators throughout history and the cars they loved

    With Sacha Baron Cohen's latest movie, The Dictator, raking in box office millions, our friends at Hagerty Insurance have compiled a list of the Top 10 Dictator Car Guys. While we're familiar with the automotive fancies of some foreign rulers – like Kim Jong-Il, whose funeral was something ...

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    Report: How Kim Jong-il's final ride came to be in a Lincoln

    The funeral of Kim Jong-il made for a big story internationally, but in true Autoblog fashion, we were just as interested in the classic cars that figured prominently in the procession. Of particular interest was a 1970s Lincoln limousine that carried the deceased leader's casket – but not ...

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    Report: Classic cars lead funeral procession of Kim Jong-il [w/video]

    The funeral of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il triggered a suitably elaborate procession in Pyongyang. Immense crowds in the tens of thousands braved freezing temperatures to bid the leader farewell as a parade of classic Mercedes-Benz and Lincoln limousines rolled through the city's ...

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    C/D explores the cars of North Korea [w/video]

    Pyeonghwa Motors Whistle – Click above to watch video after the jump
    We don't hear too much from North Korea in the automotive realm. The tiny nation is that strange kid that talks to himself on the global playground of international affairs. While we know very little about what life is ...

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    Kim Jong-il bans Japanese cars in North Korea

    If one of us were a bat-crazy dictator, we'd have all sorts of fun issuing nonsensical edicts and impossible-to-follow commands like "Increase the day to 32 hours!" "Make the toilet water flush clockwise!" "Upgrade my computer to Windows Vista!!!" Stuff like that is why we love to hate Kim Jong-il. ...


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