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kia venga

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    Official: Kia bringing updated Rio, Venga to Paris

    The Rio may not be the most popular Kia in the United States – not by a long shot – but it was the brand's top seller globally last year. Little wonder, then, that although the current fourth-generation model was only introduced in 2011, the Korean automaker is already rolling out a ...

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    Geneva 2010: Kia Venga EV, sorry we missed you the first time around

    Kia Venga EV concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Apparently, we we missed at least one interesting machine from the recently concluded press days at the Geneva Motor Show. Kia showed off a battery electric version of its new Venga B-segment hatchback. Like the rest of Kia and ...

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    Frankfurt 2009: Kia Venga is nice... and a little Fiesta-riffic to our eyes

    Kia Venga - Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you're going to ape the design of another automaker's product, it's best to choose one that's attractive. Therefore, we give Kia kudo points for making its Venga look something like a smoothed-over Ford Fiesta, a car we've gone on record ...

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    Frankfurt Preview: Kia moves up from No 3 in Geneva to Venga

    Kia Venga - click above for high-res image gallery
    When we saw the Kia No 3 concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March, it was largely agreed that in spite of its unimaginative name, it appeared to be a pretty decent little vehicle. As we move on to the Frankfurt auto show next month, we'll be ...


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