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    Frankfurt: Kia Niro Concept is the miniature Soul of the future

    The Kia Niro Concept has officially made its Frankfurt Motor Show debut, and aside from the product specialist who would not get out of our photographer's way, this was our first in-person look at the Niro Concept, which first broke cover near the end of last month. The compact, rough-and-tumble ...

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    Geneva: Kia Provo Concept is the hybrid bruiser we've always wanted

    Kia has taken a stab at the sport hatchback segment with its Provo Concept. Unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the machine features menacing styling that could give the Mini Cooper or Citroën DS3 something to sweat over. Kia says the concept features a hybrid drivetrain comprised of a ...

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    Official: Kia teases Geneva concept, is a Nissan Juke rival in the cards?

    These four photos tell us most about the pomegranate-red concept Kia will be bringing to this year's 2013 Geneva Motor Show. An accompanying 66-word press release gives away nothing, so we're left to wonder if this is some kind of Nissan Juke rival that the South Korean company is toying ...

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    Exclusive: Kia Track'ster unlikely for production, but hints at next-generation Soul "family"

    Expect the next Soul to look something like the Track'ster, with Kia deploying more than one variant. Kia's Track'ster Concept is one of the big hits of the Chicago Auto Show, one of the rare concepts that just screams, "Build me!" But after a thorough interrogation of Kia's PR team and an ...

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    Official: Kia GT Concept puts a familiar face on a rear-wheel-drive platform

    Now that Kia has proven itself to be a true leader in terms of automotive design (thanks for that, Peter Schreyer), it's time for the Korean automaker to evolve its styling language to new types of vehicles. Every new Kia design has been created for a front-wheel-drive platform, but now, Schreyer ...

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    Report: Kia confirms RWD "coupe-like" concept, powertrain updates

    Kia has its bags packed for Germany, because the automaker is reportedly planning to unveil a new concept car at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. According to Ward's Auto, Kia officials aren't calling it a coupe, but state the car will have "coupe-like" styling. Does that mean the Korean automaker ...

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    Kia not slowing down 2009 Auto show plans, lots of debuts coming

    Click above for more detail shots of the Kia Forte
    Despite the downbeat news out of Motown, good things are on the way from some of the transplants. Kia, in particular, is feeling pretty upbeat these days and is the only automaker that's decided to throw a holiday shin-dig in Detroit (so far) this ...

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    Kia gives its blessing to U.S. Soul

    At the 2006 Detroit Auto Show, Kia unveiled its Soul to the world, or at least its Soul concept (photo above). Now the Korean automaker says it's ready to put its Soul up for sale in the U.S. In show car form, the Soul was a four-door crossover powered by a 2-liter 4-cylinder with dimensions ...


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