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    Report: Hyundai working to replace car keys with smartphones

    Hyundai is working on technology that may allow you to access your vehicle with nothing more than a swipe of your smartphone. The automaker's i30 Connectivity Concept boasts an embedded NFC tag that allows the user to open the doors with a quick swipe. Drop the phone in the center console, and ...

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    Video: Keyport multitool looks to replace your keychain

    It's no fun to be "that guy." You know, the one wearing a janitor-sized keyring with 20 keys clinking together with each step, making you sound like Santa's sleigh as you jingle all the way to your car door. Keyport has the fix for this. The Keyport multi-tool allows you to store up to six keys ...

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    KEY FOR-D-GT kit fixes Ford supercar's only fault

    The Ford GT is on the short list of coolest cars in the 21st century, with up to 600 horsepower, killer retro looks, and Ferrari F430-beating athleticism. Buyers were more than happy to accept a limited edition Ford supercar, but many owners were less than thrilled with Ford's corporate key and ...

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    Anyone seen my keys? Check with Nissan

    At least they're not mocking men or making light of depressed robots. Nissan's latest marketing effort for the Altima has the auto company messing with patrons of entertainment venues. 200,000 sets of faux keys will be planted in clubs, bars, concert venues, and other congregation locations. The ...

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    Replacement anti-theft keys more expense than they're worth?

    Some people don't really pay enough attention to their car keys to know the difference between a normal one and an anti-theft key, but those of you who have ever lost one will know exactly what the difference is. Replacement costs for anti-theft keys are in the hundreds of dollars, and in ...


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