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    Bling It On: Amosu Luxury paves Bentley keyfob in diamonds

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Amosu Luxury diamond Bentley key As if losing the car keys weren't already enough of a nightmare scenario – the keys to your Bentley that much more so – along come the innovative jewelers at Amosu Luxury to make the key itself that much more ...

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    VIDEO: Renault keyless entry keeps you from freezing your nuts off

    Anyone who's lived in a cold climate can appreciate not having to take out a key when the thermometer drops below freezing. Keyless entry is good, but a keycard that stays in your pocket is even better, as demonstrated in this commercial from Renault, which makes the argument painfully obvious. ...

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    Leather is the Key for Bentley owners

    For customers accustomed to driving a Bentley, everything's got to be leather-lined. Heaven forbid one should actually have to handle a cold metal key, even one as nice as that put out by the boys at Crewe. Fortunately for the pampered motorist, London leathercrafter Ettinger has come to the ...

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    New key fob from GM a supercomputer

    USA Today is reporting that General Motors will introduce a new key fob next April that makes your current controller look like a batter-powered key. The new fob wil feature an LCD display so that your vehicle can actually communicate things to you like the ' tire pressure, the odometer reading, ...


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