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    KBB looks back at a year in the life of Toyota

    Toyota had a very interesting 2010. It was seemingly filled with an endless series of negative articles and shifting consumer perceptions. But has the automotive-buying public really been swayed? Kelley Blue Book decided to take a look back at Toyota's tough 2010 in a special report titled ...

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    KBB reveals 20 most researched cars of 2010
    1293401220 names its 20 Most-Researched vehicles for 2010 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Kelly Blue Book has compiled a list of the most researched new vehicles for 2010, as well as brands that hold the greatest market share of interest. The Honda Accord, Civic and Toyota Camry claim ...

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    Study: More new car shoppers avoiding Toyota, but brand still near top of consideration lists

    According to Automotive News, new car shoppers are beginning to shy away from Toyota thanks to the company's less-than spotless quality and safety reputation as of late. A new study by J.D. Power and Associates has revealed that around 19 percent of new car buyers surveyed said that they had ...

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    AutoTrader buys Kelley Blue Book for undisclosed sum

    Consumer car search website is now the owner of a brand new (to them) Kelley Blue Book and KBB's CDM Data and CDM Dealer Services. The amount of the transaction hasn't been divulged, but at least on the face of it, it makes perfect sense: once integrated, Kelley's valuation tools ...

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    Kelley Blue Book on the auction block?

    Kelley Blue Book has been arming car buyers and sellers with vehicle pricing information since 1926, but the Financial Times claims that the privately owned company is looking to sell, with wo sources familiar with the matter saying KBB has hired a bank to handle the sale. Interested in buying? ...

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    Videos: KBB awards $10,000 to winning reader car reviews [w/poll]

    KBB reader-submitted auto reviews – Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    We've seen a lot of consumer-grade video in our day (we've made a few, too), and the quality can be less than astounding. So when we got wind of the fact that Kelley Blue Book was hosting a contest awarding ...

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    KBB names coolest cars under $18k... do you agree?

    Kelley Blue Book Top 10 Cars for under $18k – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Being in the market for a cheap new car used to mean resigning yourself to time bombs like the Chevrolet Citation or windups like the Geo Metro or Ford Aspire, but the times, they are a-changin', and the ...

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    KBB launches free iPhone app and Seller's Toolkit

    Although it will probably remain a stress-inducing experience, Kelley Blue Book has introduced a smartphone app and a Seller's Toolkit to make buying a car slightly less stress-inducing. The app ties your iPhone directly into the KBB database, so you can pull up the appropriate KBB values on the ...

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    Video: KBB gets down, dirty and airborn with the Ford Raptor

    KBB spends time aloft in the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Do we even need to say again that we love the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor? No? All right. But we do. Anyway, if we can't be actually driving the thing, what we'll take after that is someone else ...

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    Porsche a big winner in KBB's Brand Awards

    Kelley Blue Book has compiled and collated the data from its year-long Brand Watch Study, which, based on "consumer perception data, [shows] which brands best communicated certain features of their vehicles." Of the nine categories tabbed, Porsche took three: best performance brand, best exterior ...

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    Study: Hyundai customer loyalty upends Toyota, Honda, takes #1

    2011 Hyundai Sonata – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's no secret that Hyundai has been enjoying a healthy dose of praise lately, especially with fresh new products like the Genesis, Tucson and Sonata garnering a lot of media attention. But it isn't just the press that thinks ...

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    Report: State Farm alerted NHTSA to Toyota issues in 2007; KBB lowers resale values

    State Farm is a massive insurance company. With over 42 million vehicles covered under its policies, the insurance giant commands roughly 18 percent of the U.S. market. In fact, State Farm's share of the overall market is so big that it can apparently see possible trends in vehicle issues by simply ...

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    KBB lists its "most researched" new cars and trucks in 2009

    Kelley Blue Book's twenty most researched cars -- Click above for a high-res gallery
    Kelley Blue Book (KBB) strained the data from its voluminous cache to come up with the year's 20 most researched cars, and the five brands that got the most attention. This will probably come as a surprise to ...

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    Toyota tops Kelley Blue Book best resale value awards

    According to the experts-of-such-things at Kelley Blue Book, the average vehicle will only retain about 35 percent of its original value after the initial five-year ownership period, often making depreciation the greatest expense incurred by drivers over that time period. That's a hefty chunk of ...

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    Imports dominate KBB "Most Searched" list. Again.

    Click above for a gallery of the Top Ten Most Search vehicles on KBB
    Kelley Blue Book has released its year-end statistics of the most-researched new vehicles on its website, and import models have dominated the rankings yet again. Honda and Toyota are the big winners here, with the Civic and ...

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    Kelley Blue Book names Best New Road Trip Vehicles for 2008

    click to view more high-res images of the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXTNext Monday is Memorial Day, which many think of as the official start of the summer driving season. That means it's time to pack your families and all their associated gear in the family truckster family sedan and head out to ...

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    Kelley Blue Book hands out 2008 Brand Image Awards

    Automakers work very hard at the branding process, which takes years and years of effort to achieve. For instance, when a consumer hears Porsche, he or she likely sthink of sports cars and iconic design principles -- despite the fact that the German brand sells plenty of SUVs, too. And when a brand ...

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    Honda Civic tops KBB list of Most Researched Vehicles in 2006

    This being January, we are getting a lot of end of year lists. Kelley Blue Book ( has just released its list of the Top 20 Most Researched Vehicles of 2006. They had more than 140 million visitors to their website last year, and the vehicle that those people wanted to know about more ...

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    KBB announces 2007 Best Resale Value Awards

    It's the oldest criticism of buying new versus used – drive that fresh-from-the-factory 2007 model off the dealer lot and instantly chuck 5 - 10% of your investment right out the window. The minute its front wheels touch Main Street USA your brand new car becomes used. This is why resale ...

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    Kelley Blue Book values CARS star at $1.5 million

    In a bit of creative (if liberally stretched) cross-brand marketing, Kelley Blue Book, the folks responsible for helping consumers evaluate the value of all things four-wheeled, have teamed up with Walt Disney and Pixar to offer assessments of how much the animated stars in CARS are worth. The ...


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