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    Official: Happy 60th to the VW Karmann Ghia

    Volkswagen's product portfolio may be as extensive these days as any other carmaker in the business. But if you still think of the original Beetle as synonymous with the brand, that's probably because a) you're old and b) the Beetle was the company's only product until the mid-50s. Sixty years ...

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    VW Golf Cabriolet production gets underway at ex-Karmann facility

    Volkswagen has officially kicked off production of the company's Golf Cabriolet. The droptop compact is currently rolling off the line at the automaker's newest facility – a former Karmann plant in Osnabrück, Germany. As you may recall, the topless Golf will be available with a ...

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    REPORT: Volkswagen confirms Karmann purchase, plans to build new car at factory in 2011

    Volkswagen AG has announced it will be establishing a new manufacturing unit in Osnabrueck, located in VW's home state of Lower Saxony, Germany. Interestingly enough, VW will be purchasing the land, equipment, and machinery formerly owned by Karmann -- the coachbuilder and convertible roof ...

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    REPORT: VW bids to save Karmann but coachbuilder holding out for more money

    German coachbuilder Karmann has been in trouble since before the global economy caught its version of the swine flu, and from a workforce of 5,000 the company is down to 1,800. A huge order for VW electric vehicles was meant to keep the company going while it sorted out its issues, but even that ...

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    REPORT: Karmann saved by VW's multi-million euro order for electric vehicles

    DuraCar Quicc! Diva - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Volkswagen has struck a deal worth "at least 10 million euros" with Wilhelm Karmann GmbH to keep the insolvent coachworks and specialty builder alive so it can reorganize a new company and "focus on building electric-powered cars." ...

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    Karmann Go: Legendary coachbuilder shuts down as last car comes off the line

    Karmann throughout the years - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Troubled coachbuilder and specialty car manufacturer Karmann has gone dark. The firm's final vehicle – a Mercedes-Benz CLK came off the lines on Monday as the legendary company has been shuttered because of ...

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    Coachbuilder Karmann files for insolvency

    The economy has caught up with Karmann, the independent German builder whose name was most famously applied to Volkswagen's '50s roadster, forcing it to file for insolvency. Most recently the company's 3,470 workers were assembling Audi A4 and Mercedes CLK convertibles. Over its 108-year history ...

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    Karmann possibly for sale soon

    German coachbuilder Karmann could be on the block soon. The company, a longtime supplier to German automakers, has been having trouble getting contracts lately. The family that owns the company is reportedly considering all options, and some talks with potential buyers have already taken place. No ...

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    European coachbuilders will sink or swim in changing market

    We've posted a number of articles in recent months about coachbuilders like Pininfarina and Bertone finding themselves in financially troubled waters. The difficulties these and other independent manufacturers around Europe are suffering now appear to be part of a larger trend that's forcing these ...

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    An Aston Martin built outside of the UK? Rapide likely to go elsewhere

    With sales of Aston Martin's existing sports and GT lineup continuing at a strong clip, the question of where to build the new Rapide four-door becomes more problematic. For a company that is still relatively low-volume (7,000 cars last year) like Aston, investing in tooling for more capacity is ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: Polo GTI Cabrio - the sunburned zebra punchline on wheels

    Click for high-res gallery"What's black and white and red all over?" Why, it's the Polo GTI Cabrio from Karmann of course. Actually that punchline is more often "a sunburned zebra," but this fits too. The one-off white Polo wears black rims and trim, accented with a red top and highlights at both ...

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    Chrysler Crossfire set to meet its maker

    After five years of stagnant sales, Chrysler may finally be killing off its latest attempt at a sports coupe. According to AutoTelegraaf, production of the Crossfire is likely to end sometime this summer, due in part by the model's slow sales, as well as the production contract with Karmann ending ...

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    Chrysler caught in own Crossfire?

    When it comes to the sports car market, judging by the numbers, Chrysler has been shooting blanks with its Crossfire. Reports Monday say that DaimlerChrysler is negotiating compensation with German subcontractor Karmann (which builds the Crossfire for Chrysler) because of lower-than-expected ...


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