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11Elon Musk talks divorce on Huffington Post

Elon Musk has felt the acute, and acutely painful, need to correct some of the erroneous statements being written about him and the divorce he is seeking from Justine Musk. Some of those erroneous details have been repeated here, so in all fairness the man should get his time at the mic.

45Wife of Tesla CEO demands 10 percent of his stock in company, $6M cash, Roadster and more in messy divorce

It's not all that often that a messy divorce pops up with a billionaire on one side and somebody who wants part of the money on the other, right? Actually, we all know this occurs far too often and a divorce involving wealthy individuals can be downright messy and ultimately destructive to those involved. It appears as though the divorce between Tesla's chief executive officer Elon Musk and soon-to-be ex-wife Justine Musk is playing out as one of those super messy and litigious affairs, and the

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