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    The Streak Is Broken! Ford posts first sales gain in 19 months

    We'll publish our By the Numbers feature detailing sales results for every brand and automaker in the U.S. later today, but we just had to tell you the news: Ford Motor Company has just reported a 2.3% sales gain for July 2009 versus the same month last year. Why is that a big deal? For one, ...

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    GM's July beats Ford, Chrysler

    Everyone expected July 2006 sales to suffer in comparison to last year's record numbers, pumped up by huge incentives, but it's safe to say that Ford and Chrysler Group's numbers were surprisingly bad, especially in the case of Chrysler, which reinstated Employee Pricing in July (since extending it ...

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    Ford sales slump in July

    Following on the heels of DaimlerChyrsler's report of a catastrophic July in the U.S. market, Ford Motor reported that its sales were equally bad, falling an identical 34 percent compared to the record-breaking July of 2005.The difference, of course, is that the Chrysler Group results came despite ...

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    DaimlerChrysler U.S. sales plummet

    Code Blue! Dr. Z to the E.R., stat! DaimlerChrysler released its U.S. sales results for July today, and investors are on life-support.First the good news: Mercedes-Benz U.S. sales set a July record of 21,591 units, up 4 percent from last year.Unfortunately, the bad news is really bad. Chrysler ...


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