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josh clason

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    Video: Depth of Speed does track time in a classic Skyline with JDM Legends

    Depth of Speed is Josh Clason's video series that cosses the country looking for cool automotive stories to tell. He found another one in Utah at JDM Legends. They let Clason take one of their vintage Skyline GT-R projects out on track for some sunset lens time, and the result is nothing less ...

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    Video: Depth of Speed looks at the camaraderie and beauty found at Bonneville

    Our favorite automotive web series has returned with a new episode. Josh Clason and his Depth of Speed crew traveled to the Bonneville Salt Flats. In the new video, A Pinch of Salt, the drivers interviewed all point out that the motorsports atmosphere in the middle of this barren patch of Utah ...

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    Video: Depth of Speed shows us how a first-year car show comes together

    When a group of Salt Lake City auto enthusiasts decided they wanted to celebrate their love of European automobiles, Josh Clason brought along his Depth of Speed cameras to find out what it's like starting up a new car show from scratch. The resulting footage combines Clason's sharp visual style, ...

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    Video: Depth of Speed's Josh Clason teaming up with eGarage

    Josh Clason (he of the Depth of Speed series) is teaming up with eGarage. Two great flavors that will certainly taste great together. Clason and eGarage plan to bring us plenty of visual automotive delight, and the duo have just realized a teaser clip of what's in store. Verbally, the pair are ...

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    Video: Depth of Speed goes inside the mind of Fatlace's Mark Arcenal

    Mark Arcenal is the man behind the Fatlace empire. He has a strong passion for sneakers, clothing, music and cars. Josh Clason and his Depth of Speed cameras paid Arcenal a visit at the Fatlace paddock in San Mateo, California to get a closer look at the man's rides. They also got some insight ...

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    Video: Depth of Speed captures the beautiful side of a Volkswagen Bus

    We're quickly becoming big fans of Josh Clason and his Depth of Speed video series. We first saw his work when his lenses trained on the Japanese iron of JDM Legends. Clason then delved into the world of pinstriping, and from there he switched to German steel in a shot about the BMW 2002. Now, ...

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    Video: Take a look at the fine art of old school pinstriping

    The late Kenneth "Von Dutch" Howard is probably the pinstriper best known to non-hot-rodders – and not because he's considered the father of the modern pinstripe, but because of the clothing label named after him. Yet the art is still practiced by those who care for genuine article, not ...


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