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In a move some would say is similar the the U.S. automakers stance on revised CAFE standards for light trucks and passenger cars, the major German automakers are in opposition to a requirement to lower emissions standards by producing smaller cars with smaller engines. Just as Lutz was quoted on his blog as stating that "Forcing us to alter the fleets to hit some theoretical average won't change what consumers want, or what they'll buy", German automakers claim that "the German industry, which m

Less than two weeks after being proposed, the European Commission's plan to force Europe's car industry to reduce new car carbon dioxide emissions to 120 grams per kilometre / 2.6 ounces per mile, has been shelved by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. Meant to be part of a wider climate change strategy for the European Union, the best way to achieve the proposed carbon dioxide reductions ended up being argued over by the commissioners and the European auto makers.

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