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American energy independence on The Daily Show – Click above to watch video after the jump


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes on the Toyotathon of Death – Click above to watch the video after the jump


The foggy blur surrounding the fate of Cash For Clunkers (aka C.A.R.S.) is clearing up. On the political front, passage in the Senate of the extra $2 billion in funds now looks incredibly likely. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that the $2 billion would be enough to keep C4C running through September. Perhaps Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's threat to keep Senators from getting their August vacation had something to do with it. The Daily Show did a funny piece on C4C this week,


With last year's round of bank bailouts, Jon Stewart's comedic cup overfloweth with material. Now, with General Motors' bankruptcy official, Stewart takes aim at the late, great automaker in the segment "BiGMess."


Click above and scroll down to watch the video


Film director Chris Paine ("Who Killed The Electric Car?") was on The Daily Show this week, which gave host Jon Stewart a chance to poke some fun at car companies ("[They] are notoriously hesitant to advertise their products"). Paine talked about his personal experience owning an EV1, how good or a car it was and how GM took the cars away and crushed them in the desert. If you've seen the movie, then you won't learn much new information (but you would miss Stewart's quip about the little "give

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