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john deere

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    Official: Michelin announces Tweel airless tire going into production in SC [w/videos]

    Michelin has been showing off its idea of combining the wheel and tire into a single component as far back as 2005. Dubbed the Tweel, the novel design replaced standard pneumatic tires and metal wheels with deforming spokes around a hub. While uses of the Tweel are still limited, the tech is ...

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    Official: John Deere announces second big round of layoffs

    Farm and heavy equipment manufacturer Deere – of John Deere tractor fame – has announced that it will indefinitely layoff some 460 workers at its Waterloo, IA facility, effective as of October 20. This latest round of layoffs comes just about a week after Deere revealed it would be ...

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    Video: Ghost ride the whip, John Deere combine edition

    A company's livery is an important part of its image. If a brand has done a good job of things, you can generally tell its wares by its color scheme or logo without the need to spell out names. When we think of famous liveries, images of Martini & Rossi, John Player Special and Silk Cut-clad ...

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    Video: Driverless John Deere tractor terrorizes Walmart parking lot

    A couple in Richmond Hill, Georgia Ontario were returning from the car wash when they noticed a strange late-night gathering at the local Walmart. Curious, they stopped to see what the fuss was about, and were confronted with the spectacle of a driver-less John Deere Tractor careening around the ...

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    Poll: Foose/Deere 4020 vs John Deere 620 Orchard

    Which one would you choose? The Chip Foose John Deere 4020 or a John Deere 620 orchard model? Vote after the jump!
    Chip Foose's John Deere 4020 is pretty kickass, but the reality is this: You needn't enlist the services of a famous pro rodder to get a slick-lookin' John Deere tractor. Take, for ...

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    SEMA 2008: SMART goes John Deere green

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Black Deere smart from SEMA
    Tom Mutchler at Consumer Reports says his first drive in a SMART reminded him of his John Deere x300 lawn tractor. Slow and noisy, but they both fit in his garage. Apparently, Black Deere LLC had the same impression of the little ...

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    TGIF Video: Oh, Deere... it's combine derby time!

    Every year, the sleepy farming burg of Lind, Washington goes from a population of about 500 to a bustling party of 4,000. What's the big idea? Combine destruction derby, of course. FarmersAlmanacTV (who knew?) chronicles the shenanigans in great detail, including breaking down the rules ...


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