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joey ruiter

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    Video: Watch the birth of the Reboot Buggy

    Joey Ruiter is fed up with what cars have become, so much so that he did something about it. The product designer based in Michigan built his own vehicle: the Reboot Buggy. The box on wheels reminds us what cars once were - crude replacements for the horse and buggy - and is his interpretation ...

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    Roots of the automobile revisited with Reboot Buggy

    It's easy to forget that the first cars were replacements for the horse and buggy, in today's world of ever more luxurious and complex, wheeled conveyances. Designer Joey Ruiter had something like that in mind when he started work on his Reboot Buggy, a completely stripped down take on what's at ...

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    Artist creates invisible motorcycle called "Moto Undone"

    Close your eyes and picture a motorcycle. Chances are, you're seeing something with two wheels, an engine sitting right in the middle and a spot for the rider splayed out on top. If you're Joey Ruiter, though, you might have something else entirely on your brain. Says Ruiter: We want to ...


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