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    Report: List of Mulally successors narrowed down to four

    How do you replace the man credited by Time Magazine with managing "the biggest business turnaround of the Great Recession?" That's a very good question, and one that the Ford board of directors is grappling with as company CEO Alan Mulally edges closer to retirement age. At 66, Mulally isn't ...

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    Video: Ford marketing VP Farley pushes real Shelby Cobra around Laguna Seca

    The 2012 Monterey Motorsports Reunion will certainly be a loud one. The featured marque will be the Shelby Cobra, which will celebrate 50 years of exciting existence. Ahead of next year's festivities, one man decided to get a taste of on-track action a bit early. That man is Jim Farley, and if ...

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    Opinion: Stack of potential suitors line up at Ford for Life After Mulally

    Who Could Possibly Replace Ford's Golden CEO?

    Insiders say the jockeying for Mulally's position has already begun.
    There was a time when some folks in Detroit were convinced Lee Iacocca's last name was really an acronym for: I Am Chairman of Chrysler Corp. Always. Indeed, it took a shove from ...

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    Chicago 2011: Ford's Farley talks Apple Genius Bars and the push to "democratize technology"

    2011 Ford Explorer – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Jim Farley, Ford's Group Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales and Service, gave the keynote speech at the Chicago Auto Show this morning, and the only way it could have been more on-topic is if he had given his speech via ...

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    Ford named Marketer of the Year by Advertising Age

    Ford has been named Advertising Age magazine's Marketer of the Year for 2010. The full-court press that the Blue Oval team has been applying continues to pay off, with $4.7 billion in profit for the first half of 2010 – a 17-percent boost over 2009 and the biggest company payday since 1998. ...

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    Paris 2010: Ford pondering bringing five-door C-Max to U.S. [w/poll]

    2011 Ford C-Max – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Following the second press day at the Paris Motor Show at a drive event in Southern France, Ford's global vice president of marketing, Jim Farley, let slip to Autoblog that Dearborn decisionmakers are mulling over whether to import ...

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    2011 Ford Explorer unveiled, tries crossing over on road to redemption

    2011 Ford Explorer Deep Dive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    UPDATE: When you're done reading part one, check out part two of our introduction of the 2011 Ford Explorer that focuses on new technology, powertrains and fuel efficiency. In creating the 2011 Explorer, Ford engineers ...

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    Ford's Jim Farley reportedly promoted to global marketing post

    Ford Motor Company is making changes at the top of its organization, including an expanding roll for up-and-coming marketing chief Jim Farley. A new Detroit Free Press report indicates that the former Toyota marketing whiz will be elevated to the roll of global marketing chief effective August 1. ...

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    Who will succeed Mullaly at Ford? It's never too early to start handicapping

    When Alan Mulally arrived at Ford Motor Company three years ago, the Blue Oval was in bad shape. New product wasn't exactly pouring in and the company's cash hoard was steadily shrinking. And word on the street is that the corporate culture at Ford was in as much trouble as the product lineup, ...

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    REPORT: 10 Ford Focus variants coming to the U.S.

    Ford C-Max – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While the first-generation Ford Focus certainly had its faults, it was also ahead of its time, with engaging driving dynamics and a ton of different variations. You could get a Focus sedan, a three- or five-door hatch and even a wagon. For ...

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    Slow Ford Flex sales blamed on...

    Click above for more high-res pics of the Ford Flex
    Ford's boxy new Flex crossover wagon is far from meeting its sales expectations. And while part of its slow sales can be chalked up to the overall downturn in the auto market, and specifically sales of large 'utes, some believe that there could ...

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    Ford firing letting go up to 12% of salaried workers

    Perhaps 'fired' is the wrong word, as that does imply that these white collar workers did something wrong. The only thing some 12% of Ford's salaried workforce did wrong is get hired by a company that dug itself into a hole relying on strong truck and SUV sales during the 1990s. Now, with consumers ...

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    Ford's Drive One campaign moving full speed ahead

    After spending a few days with Ford's main-marketing-man Jim Farley and his team, we can truly say that the excitement surrounding the company's new Drive One marketing strategy is palpable. They believe that the story they have to tell is rather compelling; the real struggle will be convincing ...

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    Ford shoots for 100,000 Flex sales a year

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Ford Flex.The SUV exodus means Ford's Flex has the potential to be a hit and it's gearing up for an onslaught of orders when sales begin this summer. Ford's group veep of marketing and communications, Jim Farley, told Automotive News that consumers leaving ...

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    Ford shows the SVT Raptor to dealers

    As the days go on, the much rumored F-150 Raptor is becoming less wild speculation and more solid reality. Dealers were given a glimpse of the forth-coming truck at the Ford Dealer Show in Las Vegas, and they haven't shied away from spilling the beans regarding what they saw. Ford marketing boss ...

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    Mulally's replacement could come from within Ford... or maybe not

    Joe Laymon isn't on the short list of successors for Ford CEO Alan Mulally, and it's unlikely you've ever heard of him, but if you want to get to the top at the Blue Oval, this is the guy you stop by Starbucks for on the way to work. Laymon is in charge of keeping a list of internal candidates ...

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    Ford's Jim Farley wants the Fiesta hatchback in the US

    Click the Fiesta for a high-res gallery var digg_url = ''; Until recently, Ford had only planned to sell the new Fiesta small car as a sedan in the US market. Judging from the reaction of readers in the comments here when we showed photos of the ...

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    Ford's "effing" problem needs a fix

    Towards the end of 2003, Ford unveiled the Freestar. It was a lousy minivan, and its name wasn't much better. From there the f-bombs started pouring in with the Freestyle, Five Hundred, and Fusion. Ford had a Shakespearean stranglehold on alliteration, but outside of the decent success of the ...

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    Lincoln going global?

    Bringing his experience heading Lexus with him when he defected to Ford, Jim Farley's got his eye on some premium-Toyota style brand growth. Ford's past party line has been that the Lincoln nameplate is strictly for North American consumption, but Farley's been conferring with other Forders like ...

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    Jim Farley gets to wear two hats at Ford

    Jim Farley will climb aboard at Ford in mid-November, after defecting from his position as Group Vice President and General Manager of Lexus. His role at Ford will be dual-fold. Farley will be heading up the effort to entice people to buy Ford vehicles as Group Vice President of Marketing and ...


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