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    Report: The story behind that wacky Mosler RaptorGTR video is even stranger than we thought [w/video]

    We've seen some painful product placement efforts revolving around cars over the past few years. Some of them involve movies or television shows, but more than a fair share come down to music videos. Yet none, absolutely none, can compare with the bizarre spectacle of Abby Cubey behind the wheel ...

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    Video: Mercury spokesmodel Jill Wagner defects to GM for Inside The Vault

    Jill Wagner on Inside the Vault - Click above to watch video after the jump
    The first few episodes of Inside the Vault, the new General Motors marketing vehicle, have officially hit the airwaves. The clips feature some familiar faces from around the automotive sphere, including that of the ...

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    Curtain officially comes down on Mercury as dealers remove signage

    The process of shutting down the Mercury is complete. Ford officially made the decision to close its mid-level brand in June of 2010. In the months that followed, Ford offered its dealers money to stop selling the cars, with production shutting down in September. The last Mercury, a Mariner, ...

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    Jill Wagner retired as Mercury spokeswoman

    Jill Wagner has officially given up her crown as the queen of Mercury. With the Ford middle child on its way to the scrap heap, Wagner no longer has any automotive hardware to promote. Given her varied talents, we wouldn't be surprised to see her pick up where she left off with another automaker. ...

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    Video Homage: Best Mercury Commercials Of All Time

    Farrah Fawcett, a Mercury Cougar and a real, live Cougar – Click above to watch the videos after the break
    An automobile manufacturer doesn't survive for 70 years without producing its fair share of television commercials. In fact, Ford's Mercury division has been around since well before ...

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    Dealers report new Mercury compact will exhume Tracer name

    If you're a big fan of Mercury... okay, there probably aren't many Mercury fans, but it looks like Ford is hoping to change that by 2011 – or at least stop certain franchisees from crumbling. On Sunday, we told you that Ford President Mark Fields told dealers at the company's annual meeting ...

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    Autoblog Interview: 15 minutes with Mercury spokesmodel Jill Wagner

    Mercury spokesmodel Jill Wagner – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's fair to say that since April of 2005, we've all paid a bit more attention to Mercury. While the marque's products have steadily improved along with those of parent company Ford, it's been the brand's spokesmodel ...


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