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    Video: ASU and DARPA team attempt jetpack-aided four-minute mile

    The importance of a soldier's foot speed has been known since well before Pheidippides made his famous run during the Battle of Marathon. And while humans on the whole are faster than their ancestors, thanks to more advanced technology and training methods, there are still biomechanical speed ...

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    Video: Jetlev R200 water jet pack takes TLX to new heights

    When Translogic's Bradley Hasemeyer helmed the Seabreacher, he used the craft to run right at the water's edge. Now, Hasemeyer has traveled down to Miami, Florida to check out a new craft that will have him rising up above the wet world beneath him. It's called the Jetlev R200, and it's jet pack ...

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    Leave the traffic on the ground with the Martin Jetpack [w/video]

    Martin Jetpack – Click above for image gallery
    High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (aka HOV lanes) may ease traffic congestion a wee bit as commuters choose to cram a few extra souls into their cars and trucks for the morning ride to work, but we think we have an even better idea: personal ...

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    VIDEO: World's Fastest Jet Pack vs. Ford Focus RS

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    We're all for alternative forms of transportation here at Autoblog, and we're not just talking about hydrogen fuel cells and lithium ion batteries, either. We're talking jet packs! Eric Scott is a 46-year-old Go Fast! Jet Pack pilot from Denver who became ...


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