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    Jesse James starts El Jefe Entertainment to produce motorsports content

    If you didn't get enough of Jesse James on Monster Garage, you'll soon get the chance to buy a piece of him. James' Payupsucker Productions is working with Circle King Networks to give life to El Jefe Entertainment, which promises authentic enthusiast and motorsports entertainment. But you may ...

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    Jesse James shutters West Coast Choppers?

    With the so-called Chopper Craze settling down to a dull hum and his sordid personal life in shambles, prompting a move to Texas, news that Jesse James is shutting down West Coast Choppers should hardly come as a shock. While we've yet to independently confirm reports, the news comes from ...

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    Not So Fast: Jesse James' hydrogen speed "record" challenged

    Did Jesse James really pilot a hydrogen-fueled vehicle faster than anyone else ever has in history? Possibly. Did he set a world record as claimed in doing so? Not so fast says noted world landspeed historian Louise Ann Noeth. It seems that Jesse's run wasn't quite up the the standards of a proper ...

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    Jesse James successfully sets new hydrogen land-speed record

    Earlier this month, we caught wind of Jesse James' plan to set a new land-speed record in a hydrogen-powered vehicle. According to a press release issued by Spike TV, the daredevil motorcycle enthusiast was successful in his quest, hitting a top speed of 199.7 miles per hour on a run the El Mirage ...

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    REPORT: Jesse James plans land-speed record for hydrogen-powered streamliner

    Famous motorcycle builder and all-around celebrity Jesse James plans to attempt a new world record top speed run for a hydrogen-powered vehicle later this month on a dry lake bed somewhere in California. The actual car being used is a former land speeder called the Dees-Milodon Engineering-Davis B ...

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    Shoot your TV: Jesse James is a Dead Man coming soon

    For those of you who just can't get enough Jesse James in your life, we have good news. The rest of you, commence eye-rolling. The tattooed chopper builder will soon be back on the small screen, this time on Spike TV. His new vehicle is called Jesse James is a Dead Man, which isn't totally accurate ...

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    Jesse James working on custom chopper for Airstream

    click above to see more images of Radial Hell If somebody told us that a custom chopper was being built for Airstream, we would have assumed that the Orange County Chopper boys were behind it. Not so, it seems. According to the press release pasted after the jump, Jesse James of West Coast Choppers ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: Panoz Esperante Flying Car

    Click above for high resolution photos of the car var digg_url = ''; We doubt Danny Panoz envisioned anyone attaching wings to an Esperante, let alone actually flying one. Of course, throw Jesse James of West Coast ...

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    Jesse James goes green and opens organic, solar-powered burger joint

    Women do weird things to you sometimes, man. Case in point – Jessie James. Once the biggest badass west of the Rockies, the guy hooks up with Sandra Bullock and suddenly the couple is the sole proprietor of an organic, solar-powered burger joint named Cisco Burger. The new eco-friendly fast ...


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