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24Gov. Brown signs slew of anti-global warming, pro-EV bills in California

The Way To 1,000,000 Electric Vehicles Is Paved With Signatures

California's proposed high-speed rail may be a pipe dream, but at least the Golden State has picked up some velocity for other green transportation-related initiatives. One of them is SB 1275, which was proposed by California State Senenator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) as a way to help more moderate-income people buy electric vehicles. And the good news is that California Gov. Jerry Brown has now signed that bill, also known as the Charge Ahead California Initiative, into law, along with 10 ot

75California Gov. Brown remains ready for one million electric vehicles

California Governor Jerry Brown is drafting behind President Barack Obama's drive for one million electric vehicles in the US. In his "State of the State" speech on January 22 in Sacramento, Brown made mention that, "We're on our way to a million electric vehicles."

99California governor signs new $2B EV, hydrogen support bills into law

As expected, the governor of California, Jerry Brown, has signed Assembly Bill 8 – the pro-electric-vehicle, pro-hydrogen-refueling-station bill – into law. That means the state of California will now spend over $2 billion to extend plug-in vehicle credits and on building a network of up to 100 H2 stations over the next decade, according to The Detroit News.

AddCalifornia puts legislative muscle, $2b behind hydrogen fueling stations

Last week, California regulators approved a bill that will fund more fleet purchases of zero-emissions vehicles while setting up a network of hydrogen refueling stations throughout the most populous US state.

228California outlines plans for 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles by 2025

Take all of the registered motor vehicles in Oregon, move them one state south and turn them all into hybrids, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles. That's pretty much what the California Governor Jerry Brown has in mind, and the state has taken 32 pages to lay that process out.

AddCalifornia takes wraps off dirtier, "winter" gasoline to ease prices

For Californians, the start of "winter" can't come soon enough.

333Why California Gas Prices Are Spiking Above $6 In Some Places

California's woes won't spread nationally, but higher gas prices on the way longer term

In one California town, police have arrested a man who allegedy stole more than 1,100 gallons of gas from a nearby Shell station. In another city, several gas stations posted cardboard signs by their idle pumps. "Closed." Similar portraits of desperation emerged across the state Monday as Californians grappled with sky-high gas prices, gas shortages and rations.

9California Governor Brown seeks to raise state's renewable energy target to 40% by 2020

California's target of getting at least one-third of its energy from renewable sources by the end of 2020 is simply too low for Governor Jerry Brown. Last week, the governor signed off on legislation requiring California's utilities to turn to renewable sources for 33 percent of their total electrical output by the end of 2020, but in a letter addressed to the state's Senate, Brown claims that California should set its renewable energy targets even higher. The governor wrote:

28Will new California Governor approve plan for 1 million electric vehicles?

Motivated by Prop 23's defeat in November, Environment California is working on getting Governor Jerry Brown on board with a plan to reduce California's dependence on oil by getting one million clean vehicles on the Golden State's roads by 2022. Why one million? As Dan Jacobson, Environment California's legislative director, explains:

AddCalifornia Attorney General drops greenhouse gas suit against carmakers

When I started posting here way back in 2006, one of the very first stories I wrote was about the state of California filing a lawsuit against six of the largest automakers over the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The original premise was that the emissions from cars were a public nuisance that cost the state billions of dollars to deal with. Of course, the real root cause of the suit had to do with the state's struggles to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases. At the time, the stat

AddObama looks to change California's EPA waiver status; big changes could follow

Photo by BohPhoto. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

AddCA's Jerry Brown: American auto industry is in trouble, may require subsidies

The US federal government has for too long enabled the domestic automakers to keep up their inefficient and gas-guzzling ways and may now need to spend billions to bail them out. That's what California Attorney General Jerry Brown said yesterday as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on a lawsuit against supposedly weak federal fuel efficiency standards.

AddCalifornia AG not giving up on automaker greenhouse gas lawsuit

California Attorney General Jerry Brown has decided to pursue a lawsuit started last fall by his predecessor Bill Lockyer. The lawsuit accuses automakers of creating a public nuisance by emitting excessive amounts of greenhouse gases. Brown wants to force carmakers to change their business practices to be more environmentally conscious.

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