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    Autoline After Hours with John McElroy, Jason Vines, and Peter DeLorenzo

    In this week's episode of Autoline After Hours, John McElroy, newly minted Christian publishing mogul Jason Vines and Peter "The Autoextremist" DeLorenzo gather for another unusually frank discussion about the motoring industry's ups and downs. You can even join in by submitting questions to the ...

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    Ex-Chrysler media man Vines named head of P.R. at... Christian publishing house?

    Former Chrysler PR chief Jason Vines has had more than his fair share of jobs over the years. He's had automotive gigs at Chrysler, Ford and Nissan, he's worked as a stand-up comedian, he spent time at Compuware and he even spent time at the food rescue program Forgotten Harvest. We've even spotted ...

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    Autoline After Hours: TTAC's Robert Farago joins McElroy, De Lorenzo and Vines

    If you haven't caught an episode of Autoline After Hours, this is the show to watch. Joining AAH's host and Autoblog contributor John McElroy is Autoextremist's own Peter De Lorenzo and former Chrysler PR man Jason Vines. For an additional bit of flavor, The Truth About Cars' founder and editor, ...

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    Autoline After Hours with John McElroy, Jason Vines, Peter De Lorenzo and... us!

    John McElroy and the good people at Autoline Detroit have decided to make their weekly Autoline After Hours internet show a weekly series. Last week we hosted their first episode on Autoblog, and this week it returns with John McElroy as host, regular guests Jason Vines and Peter De Lorenzo, and ...

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    BREAKING: Jason Vines resigns from Chrysler LLC

    For as long as this young blog can remember, Jason Vines has been the official voice of Chrysler. Though he began at Chrysler back in 1983, Vines' professional career has seen him receive paychecks at both Nissan and Ford before returning to Chrysler in 2003 to become Vice President-Communications. ...

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    John Edwards hears it from Jason Vines

    Jason Vines, Chrysler's VP of Communications, read about John Edward's comments about SUV buying and just couldn't hold his tongue. Democratic presidential hopeful Edwards let slip during a speech to a labor group that Americans should sacrifice their SUVs in favor of more fuel efficient vehicles. ...

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    LaSorda recognizes Chrysler's ads are lame

    During a meeting with Detroit-area dealers, Tom LaSorda, Chrysler group's CEO, expressed his displeasure with the current advertising route employed by the Detroit New York offices of BBDO.He specifically singled out the ad where a stranded motorist enlists the help of a Nitro driver to jump his ...

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    Was it something I said? Chrysler's Joe Eberhardt stepping down

    The Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda announced today that Joe Eberhardt is stepping down as the company's Executive Vice President-Global Sales, Marketing and Service. Eberhardt is reportedly returning to the retail side of the business within the Mercedes-Benz dealer network in the United States. ...

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    Chrysler PR responds to gag ad pull

    The Chrysler Group's PR chief Jason Vines responded yesterday to the company's decision to ask YouTube to yank the two not-ready-for-prime-time gag ads that Jalopnik had posted and featured on its blog this week. Vines explains the two ads were "part of an outtakes reel for the real gag ads." The ...

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    The upstaged press conference: GM insists it was a coincidence

    Ahh, we love nothing better than a little drama in the automotive industry. Autoblog's Eric Bryant reported on Wednesday a little snafu involving the trailer truck hauling the Chevy Camaro, which drove right past a press conference featuring the Dodge Challenger concept. Vines called the stunt a ...

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    Auto industry and Big Oil trading blows

    It would seem that if there are two parties who really shouldn't be playing the blame game regarding the world's energy problems: oil companies and auto manufacturers. That certainly hasn't stopped either from taking shots at each other in the media, however. Late last year, ExxonMobil ...


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