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japan tsunami

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    Video: Harley-Davidson lost in Japan's tsunami washes up in Canada

    With the longest coastline in the world, Canada is bound to get all sorts of weird things washing up on its shores from every which direction. But a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? That's what one Peter Mark found while riding his ATV on a secluded island off the Pacific coast of British Columbia. ...

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    Report: Reputation of electric cars takes a hit in Japan due to tsunami aftermath?

    Electric vehicle owners like to think of themselves as green, but that color may be taking on a more glowing, radioactive hue in Japan. The ecologically friendly reputation of electric cars in Japan is taking a hit since last year's meltdowns of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant have ...

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    Google Street View documents Japan tsunami devastation

    The online news cycle moves at a blistering pace. It's easy to forget that, while the story of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that occurred last March may move from the front page, individuals are still struggling to cope with the widespread devastation on the island. Google took it upon ...

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    Video: New dashcam footage recovered of Japanese tsunami from wrecked car

    We've seen some terrifying footage from the tsunami and earthquake that struck Japan in March this year, but few manage to capture the full-on terror of the situation like the clip after the jump. The video was taken by a dash camera mounted on a man's vehicle as the tidal waters surged onto the ...

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    Report: Suzuki's emergency quake action plan? Moving

    Japanese automakers are continuing to evaluate their strategies for coping with natural disasters after this year's earthquake and tsunami, and for Suzuki, that apparently means packing up shop and moving to higher ground. According to Automotive News, the manufacturer is investing around $494 ...

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    Toyota says NA production to recover by September, earlier than expected

    Toyota has announced that it expects its North American production to reach 100 percent capacity as early as September – far ahead of original post-quake estimates. So far, eight of the company's 12 models built in North America are back to 100 percent capacity, and total production is ...

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    How GM avoided its own disaster after Japanese quake

    While Toyota has been one of the automakers hardest hit by the tragic Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters in March of this year, nearly every auto company on the planet felt its impact. Thanks to a global, tight-laced network of interconnected suppliers, manufacturers were left ...

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    Lexus boss Templin says brand to lose luxury sales crown over Japan quake

    Lexus has been the king of luxury car sales in the U.S. for over a decade, but Toyota's high-end brand will likely lose its crown in 2011, due at least in part to the March 11 earthquake in Japan. Certainly, Lexus was already facing a great deal of pressure from rivals like BMW and Buick, but ...

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    Toyota drastically cuts North American production through May

    Toyota will continue its three-days-a-week schedule at North American plants for the rest of April and May, due to continued parts shortages as a result of the March 11 Japan earthquake. Toyota's original production suspension halted lines on Mondays and Fridays from April 15 to April 25, but ...

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    Honda CEO Takanobu Ito used CB1000 motorcycle to tour quake area

    The March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan hit Honda hard, as production was down for weeks and the automaker's research and development center was badly damaged. In fact, the quake damaged the Tochigi facility so badly that one employee died and 17 others were injured after a cafeteria wall ...

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    Will quake-based parts shortages hurt 2012 Honda Civic launch?

    Honda's Japanese assembly plants are scheduled to come back online next week after a month-long hiatus caused by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11. That's good news for a company that could soon run short on many vehicles, but Honda's production woes are anything but ...

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    Report: Subaru ramping production back up after quake

    Subaru has, like many other Japanese automakers, struggled to get its factories up and running in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. But the automaker appears to be making strides towards that goal, as Automotive News reports that the car maker will restart vehicle ...

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    Japan's new cars sales reportedly plummet to lowest since 1968

    The March 11 earthquake and tsunami has wreaked havoc on Japanese automakers' ability to build new vehicles, while also shuttering many suppliers that automakers around the world count on for production. Integrity Exports reports the devastating natural disaster has thrown a massive wrench in ...

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    Report: Japanese automakers to discuss rotating schedule of production

    Automakers in Japan are desperate to restart their factories, but part shortages are in many instances holding up production. But that's not the only issue, as rolling blackouts are making it difficult for the manufacturing sector to maintain steady operation. USA Today reports that one solution ...

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    Report: Auto graveyard business sprouts from Japanese tsunami

    If you've watched any of the news coverage of the Japan earthquake, you've likely seen the tsunami footage showing cars being tossed around like Hot Wheels. The waterlogged vehicles number in the thousands, and the Japanese government has a big task in cleaning up the mess. Reuters reports that ...

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    Mazda dealers in U.S. asked not to order cars from Japan

    Automotive News is reporting that Mazda has suspended U.S. dealers from ordering vehicles made in Japan. The automaker is apparently preparing to close down plants once more after briefly opening doors after the earthquake and tsunami activity on March 11. This doesn't mean that Mazda vehicles ...

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    Update on Japanese automakers recovering from earthquake

    Prius production resumes, Honda further delays restarting plants Japanese automaker news resulting from the March 11 earthquake is coming in fast and furious right now, so we've packaged the latest information in one convenient spot. Toyota announced some good and bad news this week on the ...

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    Study: Worldwide auto production could drop 30% due to quake in Japan

    You've likely seen plenty of news lately about how Japanese automakers have been affected by the March 11 earthquake in Japan, but what about the rest of the industry? The Detroit News reports that research firm IHS Automotive thinks that global auto production could drop by 30 percent, and ...

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    Report: U.S. car dealers raising prices because of Japan disaster

    The problems facing automakers in the wake of Japan's deadly earthquake and the resulting tsunami are already manifesting themselves in the form of higher transaction prices on some Japanese cars, as U.S. dealers show less willingness to negotiate downward from the number on the window sticker, ...

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    Video: Watch as Japanese motorist's car is engulfed by the tsunami

    Modern technology means that the world has an almost constant and unlimited amount of coverage of major news stories from all around the planet. That's certainly true of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, especially since Japan is one of the most tech-happy countries in the world. And ...


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