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71Jalopnik scribe finds out the hard way why you should never speed in Virginia

Being an automotive journalist can be a dangerous gig. No, we're not talking about the risk of carpal tunnel from typing for eight to ten hours a day, five to six days a week or the long periods of sitting. Instead, we're referring to what may be more obvious: the cars. For all of our talk and bravado when it comes to the high-performance vehicles we drive, testing a powerful vehicle on public roads requires a high degree of responsibility and judgment. Every journalist has found themselves lack

33Watch Jeff Gordon get back at Jalopnik with this awesome prank

Nearly a year ago, NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon teamed up with Pepsi for a commercial. Gordon would be disguised and terrorize a used car salesman on an extreme test drive. It was staged, quite obviously, we said. Our friends at Jalopnik were a bit more vociferous in calling out the ad's more artificial points.

2522014 Jeep Cherokee uncovered with bold new look

Jeep has been shuttling around Alfa Romeo-based test mules and camouflaged prototypes of its replacement for the current Liberty for some time now. Those heavily disguised vehicles may have offered a glimpse of the new Jeep, but a new set of production-line images from Jalopnik tell a much more complete story.

65Hyundai Accent to "kick Fiesta's butt" says U.S. CEO John Krafcik

Given the chance to ask Hyundai's US CEO John Krafcik a question, what would you ask? If you're a Jalopnik reader, you're apparently curious if Hyundai plans to bring over a five-door Accent hatchback. Krafcik took the time to answer the question in the affirmative, and then used the opportunity to proclaim that a five-door Hyundai Accent hatchback "will kick the Fiesta's butt."

16Jalopnik readers redesign the Scion Hako

Click above to vote at Jalopnik

4China's BYD Auto takes Jalopnik on Cobo Center joyride

BYD's Wang Chanfu and Jalopnik's Matt Hardigree say hi to the ALMS folks

13Changing of the guard at Jalopnik

If you're into automotive blogs on the internet, you know that Autoblog and Jalopnik are like Ford and Chevy, Coke and Pepsi, or any other great pair of products that divides our desires. There was a time when Autobloggers and Jalops didn't talk to each other and no link love flowed between the two sites, but things have changed since those dark days, mostly thanks to Mike Spinelli, who announced today that he's stepping down as Editor in Chief of Jalopnik.

1Jalopnik gets fresh duds, gives away VW "micro"-bus

Jalopnik recently launched a new site design, and realized its new look required a vehicle giveaway to keep them near the head of the class. You won't hear any argument from us. A previous re-do brought speculation of an engineless early 80's El Camino, but unfortunately that never happened.

68Spy Shots: Fully-undisguised 2008 Honda Accord

Jalopnik has scored some primo spy shots of the 2008 Honda Accord. Super-shutterbugs Brenda Priddy & Co. captured both the sedan and coupe out in the open as they were being prepared for a photo shoot. As you can see by looking at the coupe (click image at right for full views), it's basically a dead ringer for the concept car Honda trotted out in Detroit, only the production version's got a nicer-looking lower front fascia. Around back, the concept's through-the-bumper exhaust has been repl

15Group bans drifting at Altamont Motorsport Park, hypocrisy ensues

Yesterday, we got an impassioned plea from AB reader Ray about the upcoming hearing at the Alameda County Administration Building, where efforts to ban both drifting and overnight camping at the historic Altamont Motorsports Park are underway.

4New York Auto Show: Meet your media professionals at the Jalopnik 2.33 Party

Davey Johnson models the Jalopnik uniform – a Husker Du shirt and full facial hair

3Chrysler PR responds to gag ad pull

The Chrysler Group's PR chief Jason Vines responded yesterday to the company's decision to ask YouTube to yank the two not-ready-for-prime-time gag ads that Jalopnik had posted and featured on its blog this week. Vines explains the two ads were "part of an outtakes reel for the real gag ads." The two profane ads, he goes on to say, were released without permission, which subsequently sent Vines into a profane-peppered rage of his own after learning of the breach when he returned home from the L.

4Jalopnik Needs a T-Shirt Slogan

Our friends at Jalopnik are holding an online vote to decide what their T-Shirt slogan should be.

AddWho Killed the Electric Car? Opens June 28

I finally got around to checking out the trailer for the new documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car?" on the Sony Classics website. I'm a big fan of documentary films because they can convey a lot of information easily and in such a way that people are willing to receive it, even pay for it. Of course, the medium is easily abused and discounted, so it's kind of a treacherous field to play in. Still, the trailer makes this film look incredibly scathing and the topic – car companies introd

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