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jaguar s-type

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    Panzani Design goes all Deathstar with Jaguar S-Type Vintage GT

    For better or worse, nothing is quite as divisive as modern Jaguar design. The current XF is controversial enough in its own right, but the S-Type that came before was even more so. With its pinched grille and comically retro lines, the S-Type was the very antithesis of the model that followed. ...

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    Spy Shots: Jaguar XF coming with 500HP

    It appears that the XKR caught with Jaguar's new JaguarDrive gear selector was also accompanied by a group of test mules for the upcoming XF sedan. The convoy was encountered in Austria where Jaguar has rented a house and garage behind a gas station to work on the cars in private, or so they ...

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    Jag S-type to be dubbed XF

    The S-Type is dead. Long live the XF! Perhaps trying to make a break from a moniker that hasn't exactly been associated with good things for Jag, they have decided to switch things up and at the same time bring the midsize model inline with the current corporate nomenclature by using the new XF ...


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