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jaguar limo-green

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    Report: Jaguar builds all-electric XJ test vehicle

    2011 Jaguar XJ – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to Autocar in the UK, Jaguar Land Rover is still hard at work on series hybrid vehicles. Similar to the stance General Motors has taken with the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, Jaguar believes that the only real way electric vehicles ...

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    Sneak peek at Jaguar's 'Limo-Green' series hybrid concept

    For the past year, Jaguar, Lotus, Caparo Vehicle technologies and the MIRA proving ground have been working on a UK government-funded project dubbed Limo-Green. The goal of the project was to develop and build a series hybrid luxury sedan. Earlier this week, Jaguar showed off the car for the ...


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