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jaguar diesel

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    Followup: Jaguar completes coast-to-coast U.S. road trip in diesel XF

    It's not every day that you see a diesel Jaguar XF on these shores. In fact, at least officially, there's only one. And it just completed a cross-country road trip that took it from New York to Los Angeles. The trip kicked off last week in the Big Apple and just wrapped up earlier this week in ...

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    Featured: Jaguar: A Look Into The Leaping Cat's Future - Part 2

    Jaguar has prodigious plans for its revival, but laying blueprints on a table is effortless; anyone with a pencil and some 20-lb paper stock can do it. Eventually, you've got to show us what you've got. Paul Alcock, project manager of the XF, said "the most significant change in 2012" is the ...

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    Jaguar XF does the double, wins What Car? award again

    Somebody get the record player out and put on Al Stewart, because this is turning into The Year of the Cat. The English marque just showed off the new XFR and XKR, a slightly modified XFR broke the company's speed record formerly held by the Jaguar XJ220, and chatter suggests that the automaker is ...

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    REPORT: Jaguar developing diesel XK

    Click for a hi-res gallery of the Jaguar XK convertible When Jaguar launched the current-generation XK in all its feline ferocity, it reportedly promised that the car would only be offered with gasoline engines. But that was a couple of years ago, around the same time that Audi began to dominate Le ...


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