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    Report: Mississippi man under fire for fixing potholes using city's supplies [w/video]

    Potholes, also known as the bane of every motorist's existence, are a huge problem in many cities. One resident in Jackson, Mississippi got fed up with the constant bumps and craters in his city's roads, and took matters into his own hands. The self-proclaimed Pothole Patchman, the secret ...

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    Unique Pininfarina Corvette headed to Scottsdale

    Retrofitting Corvettes with bespoke Italian sheetmetal is a cherished trade in the coachbuilding industry, revived recently by cars like the Spada Codatronca and Castagna Aznom. But these rare machines owe their lineage to customs like this one: the 1963 Pininfarina Rondine Corvette. The ...


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