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jack roush

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    Report: Jack Roush loses sight in left eye after plane crash, still aims to fly

    They say that statistically speaking, flying is safer than driving. Jack Roush might beg to differ with that assessment. After his second life-threatening plane crash in eight years, the NASCAR bigwig was back at the Michigan International Speedway this past weekend to watch his team in action. ...

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    Report: Jack Roush in serious but stable condition after (second) plane crash [w/ video]

    Jack Roush crash lands – Click above to watch video after the jump
    NASCAR titan Jack Roush appears to have survived his second plane crash. Roush was piloting his company's Raytheon/Beechcraft Premier jet when something went wrong on the approach to Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, ...

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    Hell hath frozen over: ROUSH begins selling high-performance parts for GM vehicles

    We heard rumblings from the underground that ROUSH was considering expanding its line of high-performance parts to vehicles not wearing the Blue Oval badge, and today the company that Jack built made it official. After 12 years of offering parts only for Fords, ROUSH Performance will begin offering ...

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    Jack Roush declares war on Toyota in NASCAR

    It's not a secret that Jack Roush thinks you should be buying American cars. Likewise, he's not a fan of NASCAR's decision to allow Toyota to race in the Nextel Cup series this season. The motorsports legend and tuner of all things Ford has recently gone on record with some fiery wartime rhetoric ...

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    ROUSH Roadster: Super-limited, super-cool

    Click for 4 additional high-res photosAt SEMA this year ROUSH introduced the Roadster, a head-turning droptop 'Stang that is now available through authorized retailers. If you want one of the two-tone beauties, you'd better get to it, because ROUSH is only building 100 of 'em, and Jack sure sounds ...

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    Ford Bold Moves Episode 22: Team Ford Racing Shines

    Dang, we're already at episode 22 of the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary that has been chronicling the ins and outs of FoMoCo as it tries to resurrect respect for itself among the motoring public. There's been some good episodes in the past 22, and we've also suffered through some ...

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    SEMA: Roush Drag Pack Mustang runs 11.9 off showroom floor

    In the mid-'60s, Jack Roush joined the "Fastbacks," a group of Ford enthusiasts who pooled their own resources to go racing. Even though Jack had a secure job as an engineer at Ford, he left the company in 1969 to work with the club and also develop speed products for other race teams. After the ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: ROUSH 427R Mustang

    Click to enlargeWe all know that Jack Roush's company builds hot Mustangs that look good and go fast. Enter the ROUSH 427R: the most powerful Roush Mustang to date. This new fire-breather is based on the already-impressive ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang, but improves on that car's power numbers as it tacks ...

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    Melling Hellcat supercar unveiled!

    The accompanying pictures are vidcaps from a Sky News piece about Al Melling's new supercar - the Melling Hellcat. As the video shows, Melling has a running prototype of the V10-powered car. (Watch the video here.)The prototype looks rather racy, sporting Viper-style like pipes, and in an interview ...


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