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ivan stewart

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    Auctions: Andretti, Earnhardt Sr. and Hunt racers head 'Legends' auction

    RK Motors will be holding an auction in Charlotte, NC from October 31 to November 3, that is sure to get fans of both historic production and racecars really excited. The production metal on offer is wildly impressive, including a pair of Hemi 'Cudas (one of which is an ultra-rare convertible), ...

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    Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart drives into retirement with big sell-off

    Ivan "Ironman" Stewart has retired, and the legendary off-road racer didn't play around when it came to getting out of the game. This weekend, 650 items from his 37-year racing career are being auctioned off, including the entire Pro Truck business he's been running for the last ten years. ...

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    Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart moving from off-road trucks to... electric bikes?

    Off-road racing fans will no doubt be familiar with the name Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, winner of 17 Baja 500s and three Baja 1000s over his 37-year career. Apparently, even an iron man can only take so much pounding and Stewart has decided it's time to ride off silently into the sunset. Stewart ...

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    The Baja 1000 - and Hummer vs. Toyota - has been decided

    The 672.85-mile-long Baja 1000 race is over, and 328 starters were boiled down to just a handful of winners in various classes. The premier events were taken by Andy and Scott McMillin in the trophy truck category, in a modded Chevrolet Silverado. Andy won the race three years ago as a year ago ...

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    Toyota readying Ivan "Ironman" Stewart Signature Series Tundra

    Click either image to enlargeToyota and Baja racing have become synonomous thanks to one man, Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, who has won the Baja 500 a record 17 times in Toyota's trucks. Despite Ford's obvious interest in wrestling away some of the dune jumping glory with its upcoming F-150 "Raptor", ...

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    Iron Man will drive an Audi R8

    Don't tell Toyota, but Iron Man drives an Audi - at least in the movies. Not to be confused with longtime Toyota off-road truck racer Ivan "Iron Man" Stewart, we're talking about Tony "Iron Man" Stark here. Word from Variety is that the newest big screen superhero will be piloting Audi's latest ...


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