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362003-2004 Isuzu SUVs recalled for suspension corrosion woes

Here's a brand we haven't written about in some time. Isuzu is recalling 8,816 2003 Rodeo Sports and 2003 to 2004 Rodeo and Axiom models that are registered in just about any state that uses salt on winter roads. That means Isuzu owners in states as far east as Maine, as far south as Kentucky and as far west as Minnesota will need to report in with their vehicles for repairs. This recall follows a previous corrosion-related issue for 2002 Axioms and Rodeos.

22Isuzu recalls Axiom and Rodeo models, Honda Passport comes along for the ride

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been on top of corrosion issues of late, with the recent recall of Toyota Tundra models for excessive frame rust and an investigation of the Ford Windstar for a similar issue. Now it's Isuzu and Honda's turn under the rust recall spotlight, as the 1998-2002 Rodeo and 2002 Axiom and the Rodeo's badge-engineered twin, the 1998-2002 Honda Passport are being recalled in cold weather climates for potential rear suspension corrosion issues.

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