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    Exclusive: Formula Roadshow returns to Jerusalem after summer conflict [w/video]

    Until recently, motor racing wasn't even legal in Israel. There are many things that may come to mind when you think about Israel and its capital, Jerusalem. History, religion, security, conflict, peace... you might even think of the country's burgeoning high-tech sector or its aerospace ...

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    Report: Safety systems supplier Mobileye raises $890 million in IPO

    Israel-based vehicle safety technology company Mobileye (NYSE: MBLY) has successfully launched its Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange, raising approximately $890 million to value the company at a reported $5.3 billion. You may have never heard of Mobileye, but that doesn't ...

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    Video: Israelis stop on highway to commemorate Holocaust victims, two injured

    Every year on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the people of Israel take two minutes to honor those who died in the Holocaust. When the sirens go off, everything stops, including traffic. This year, the two-minute ceremony was unfortunately marked with a pair of accidents due to the abrupt stop in ...

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    Report: Jerusalem think-tank proposes replacing 50,000 Israeli gov't cars with Detroit steel

    We've seen cars bring people together in a wide variety of capacities, from meeting the neighbors while washing your car in the driveway to finding a new best friend at a local swap meet. Rapprochement between nations may seem a step too far for even the healing powers of the automobile, but a ...

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    WRC Jordan Rally delayed due to political unrest, stormy seas and engine trouble

    Mounting a rally is never easy to begin with. Organizing one in the Middle East amidst the greatest popular upheaval in the region's considerable history, however, is another matter entirely. We recently reported on the potential effects which demonstrations and revolutions across the region ...

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    Top Gear's Middle East tour reportedly shot for Christmas Special

    Top Gear in Israel – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Were you wondering what the Top Gear crew were doing in Israel when they were spotted there last month? Well wonder no more. Reports from the British Isles are now stating that the tour across the Middle East was actually shot ...

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    Report: Israel orders million-dollar armored Audi A8

    2011 Audi A8L – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The President of the United States may be the highest target for assassination in the world – hence Cadillac One, his custom, leather-lined tank – but there's no shortage of people in the Middle East who'd bite that the ...

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    Top Gear trio spotted filming special in Israel

    Top Gear arrives in Israel – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The fellas over at Top Gear have been to just about every nook and cranny in Great Britain and criss-crossed continental Europe in all manner of train, plane and automobile. They've driven to the North Pole, scaled an ...

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    Report: First shipment of new and used cars since 2007 arrives in Gaza

    Wherever you live, buying a car – new or used – holds its share of challenges. But for the residents of the embattled Gaza Strip, geopolitical issues have made buying a car all but completely impossible. That is, until today, when a shipment of 20 new and used cars arrived by truck ...

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    Report: Israel gets into the Cash-For-Clunkers craze

    Israel is the next contestant in the Cash-for-Clunkers game, but playing it a bit differently than national counterparts: Israel's intentions appear to be solely for the purpose of getting older cars off the roads. Run jointly by the transportation and environmental protection ministries, the ...

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    Red Bull Soapbox Race comes to Jerusalem

    Red Bull Soapbox Race Jerusalem 2009 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With electronic this and variable that, there's little doubt that the modern automobile has benefited more than most from the relentless march of progress. And don't get us wrong, we're glad for it. But we're not ...

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    Driving School: Mother arrested for letting 11-year-old daughter drive

    A mother in Tel Aviv had her license revoked by local police when she let her 11-year-old daughter drive her car. Israeli traffic police pulled the car over when they saw a shorter-than-usual driver behind the wheel, and when questioning the mother, she answered that it was a reward for getting a ...

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    Saudi Arabia threatens Nissan boycott over Israeli ad

    Click above to watch the video Saudis may be known for a lot of things, but let's face it – comedy is not one of them. Israelis on the other hand... have you seen The Zohan? In any event, it's not surprising that people in Saudi Arabia are outraged at something from Israel, but this time it ...

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    Ghosn on Middle East tour: Electric cars in Israel, factory in Morocco

    Renault-Nissan president Carlos Ghosn is arguably one of the most effective automotive industry executives, and having just embarked upon a tour of the Middle East, may prove to be more effective than the endless stream of government and military envoys parading in and out of sand-swept ...

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    Chery enters joint venture with Israel Corp.

    Israel develops and produces a lot of things, from microchips to cosmetics. But, discounting the odd dune-buggy or army jeep, cars aren't one of them. So it came as a bi t of a surprise when Quantum, an American subsidiary of (the imaginatively named) holding company Israel Corp., announced it was ...


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