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isle of man

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    VIDEO: Norton NRV588 rotary-powered motorcycle in action

    Norton NRV588 rotary-powered motorcycle - Click above to watch the video
    Undoubtedly, the company that's most often associated with rotary engine technology is Mazda. The Japanese automaker has been building Wankel powerplants for decades, with the current RX-8 standing alone as the only new ...

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    Hamilton gets the stamp of approval from Isle of Man Post Office

    Few countries have such unimpeachable car-crazed credentials than the Isle of Man. The semi-autonomous British island has no speed limits, boasts a fearsome TT road course, and is home to a handful of motorbike champions, former F1 world champion Nigel Mansell and even Jeremy Clarkson has a house ...

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    Audi TT-S to be official car of the Tourist Trophy races

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Audi TT-S The Isle of Man credits itself as hosting the world's oldest races, the Tourist Trophy (TT). The 32-mile long island, located in the Irish Sea (it's the body of water between the United Kingdom and Ireland), held the first motorcycle and car ...

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    VIDEO: Karting the Isle of Man

    Okay, so it's a typical grainy YouTube clip, and even appears to be black and white on first blush, but sit back and enjoy it for what it is and you won't be disappointed. Take a blast around the Isle of Man on a go-kart. In the rain. As you'll discover, even with these minuscule motors, passing ...

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    Australia to rein in unlimited speed roads

    The high-speed bellow of a 911 Turbo undergoing hot weather, high speed testing has been forever muted in the Australian Northern Territory. One of the last sacred places on Earth where you can drive at unlimited speeds, legally, has been emasculated by government regulation. They have decided to ...


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