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    Auctions: Entire inventory of Microcar Museum to be auctioned

    Bruce Weiner's Microcar Museum in Madison, Georgia is said to be the largest collection of little cars in the world, and they're all rolling over the RM Auctions block February 15-16, 2013. Weiner spent 15 years assembling the 200-strong bounty, and beyond the size of the collection RM Auctions ...

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    Green: BMW Isetta gets reimagined as the eSetta

    The venerable Isetta was tiny, cheap and nimble transportation in post-World-War-II Europe. In this day of $4-a-gallon gas, could a similar car be an attractive alternative? That's the question University of Applied Arts graduate Tony Weichselbraun asked as he endeavored to imagine a modern ...

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    Inside Line attempts to name 100 Worst Cars of All Time

    Inside Line is at it again, this time with a list of the 100 worst cars ever made. While we were pretty pleased with the website's choices for its 100 best earlier this year, this one is somewhat less satisfying, which is to be expected. Calling out the bad eggs is indeed trickier and more ...

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    A behind-the-scenes look inside the BMW Classic warehouse

    BMW Classic in Munich – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Located just a short distance from the BMW Museum and Welt (famous as the company's European delivery center) in Munich, Germany, is BMW Classic. According to the German automaker, "BMW Classic coordinates all activities that ...

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    REPORT: BMW will create new electric vehicle sub-brand

    BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has confirmed to Reuters that its future electric cars will be badged as BMWs. This contradicts some earlier rumors that the automaker would revive another brand such as Triumph or Isetta for its electric vehicles. The company will stick with its existing BMW, MINI and ...

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    BMW and Fiat working on new small car platform, concept headed to Frankfurt?

    We've been hearing rumblings that BMW and Fiat were working together on the development of future small vehicle platforms for a while now. With the German automaker working on an Isetta revival and the Italian firm moving forward with a new Topolino, it makes some sense that the two companies would ...

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    Rendered Speculation: BMW's baby Isetta

    This latest rendering of the long-rumored return of the Isetta brand, an offshoot of BMW, looks much more modern than any previous rendering that we've seen of the rolling mini-retro-mobile. According to the accompanying report on Autocar, the rear-engined zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) has indeed ...

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    Rendered Speculation: BMW iSetta

    What you see above is a rendering of what a revived BMW Isetta could look like. While it may have been a shot in the dark a few months ago when it was rendered, following BMW's revelation that it is studying new options for urban vehicles, the idea is back on the table. The design is certainly ...

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    BMW considering all-electric car for the U.S.?

    BMW's U.S. success means that come 2012, it will be considered a large vehicle manufacturer here in the States. In preparation for that, BMW will decide this year on whether to make "an ecologically-compatible car for the U.S. market," most likely to help the automaker meet more stringent CAFE ...

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    BMW may bring back Isetta!

    Auto Express is reporting that BMW is currently considering bringing back the Isetta, the three-wheel mini car with a door where the hood should be that achieved pop-culture celebrity status as the personal whip of Urkel on the sit-com Family Matters (did I just date myself?). Unlike the original, ...

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    Find of the Day: 1959 BMW Isetta drag racer

    Browsing the inventory of The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, we ran across this little beast. Based on BMW's Isetta 3-wheeler, a car barely able to get out of its own way, Weiner's Isetta "Whatta Drag" is, um, considerably quicker than the original model. A case of life imitating art (or in this ...


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