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    Lexus IS-F design to influence F-lineup, even though it ain't pretty

    Lexus has received its fair share of flack for the styling of the new IS-F sports sedan. The gaping gills and misshapen snout – the most radical exterior elements – have done little to distinguish itself from its lesser brethren, and the interior is largely unchanged, save a few badges ...

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    Pull my dyno - Automobile puts the IS-F on the rollers

    Lexus is billing the IS-F as "Everything you thought we weren't," and the potential is certainly there. The engine bay is filled with 5 liters of 4-valve V8 putting out 416 horsepower and 371 pound-feet of torque. The Minilite-esque wheels hide a Brembo braking system with six piston front calipers ...

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    Neiman Marcus "Special Build" Lexus IS-F

    Even though we just turned over our Jessica Alba calendar to October, Lexus is proclaiming that the holiday season is right around the bend. In keeping with tradition, the L-finesse'd automaker is teaming up with Neiman Marcus to offer its own special holiday edition ride to trust fund kids and ...

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    VIDEO: Lexus IS-F doing things no other Lexus has done before

    Lexus = luxury. That's been the traditional equation, and rather sedate luxury at that. The IS is more fun, certainly, but it's not really a monster-revving tire smoker -- at least, not before it's been fettled. (I don't know what the means either - Ed.) It appears, though, that as Lexus works to ...

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    IS madness at Laguna Seca: Lexus IS-F flogged

    Lexus seems to be pretty confident about the capabilities of its new IS-F, otherwise it wouldn't have allowed members of Club Lexus to unrelenting flog its newest entrant into the sport-sedan segment at Laguna Seca this past week.The lucky participants posted a number of photos taken at the event, ...

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    Brembo lands Lexus IS-F brake deal

    click above image for high-res pics of the Lexus IS-FWhen the Lexus IS-F debuted at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, it was wearing a set of black painted calipers branded with the Lexus name. When the car officially goes on sale in the second quarter of 2008, it will be wearing a set of gold painted ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Lexus IS-F Evo in the works?

    In an attempt to steal another page out of BMW's sport sedan playbook, rumors have surfaced that Lexus is in the process of developing a lightweight version of the IS-F, in the same vein as the M3 CSL. Internally dubbed the IS-F Evo, this limited edition sedan will benefit from an expensive diet, ...

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    420 HP, DSG-equipped M3 Concept coming to Geneva?

    Over the past three or four days, there have been a lot of rumors running through the tubes of the interwebs about BMW's surprise unveiling of a concept version of the M3 uber-coupe during next week's Geneva motor show. We had been holding off on posting anything about it, but thought that if it ...

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    Lexus building only 1,000 IS-F for U.S. market

    For those of you looking to get your hands on one of the unholy organic IS-F sedans, you'd better act soon, as Lexus has decided to limit production of its 400-hp sports saloon to a paltry 1,000 units, or so says AutoWeek.Autoweek reported the news in two issues back, although production numbers ...

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    VIDEO: Lexus IS-F revving it up

    We have voiced our distaste over the tuner styling treatment of the IS-F, the high-performance version of the Lexus IS-Series that debuted earlier this month at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Despite our preference to look away in its preference, our ears perk up at ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: IS-F puts the pedal to the floor for Lexus

    click the image above view our high-resolution gallery of the Lexus IS-F var digg_url = ''; The boys over at Lexus were dialing F for Fast as they took the wraps off their new performance division with the presentation ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Lexus IS-F pics leaked!

    The Lexus press conference doesn't begin until 11:25AM EST, but a few official pics of the luxury brand's new super sports sedan have been leaked onto the web already. The Lexus IS-F will take aim directly at high-performance sedans from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi using a 5.0-liter V8 producing ...

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    Whoops! Lexus accidentally releases images of IS-F on web

    We're almost dead certain that Lexus will unveil the IS-F, a very high-performance version of its IS-Series sedan, in Detroit next week. Regardless of whether it does or not, we've been treated to a sneak preview of the car thanks to an online advertisement that's been released revealing the entire ...

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    Detroit Sneak Peak: Lexus IS-F

    This past Monday's article in Automotive News, let loose that Lexus was in the process of developing a new line of vehicles that seeks to compete in the luxury performance market currently occupied by BMW, Audi and Mercedes.Well, word is that Lexus will be unveiling its IS-F sedan tomorrow, ahead ...

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    'F' is for 'Fast' - Lexus' new performance arm

    About this time last month, Automotive News reported that Lexus would reintroduce their L-tuned lineup of vehicles in order to compete in the ever-growing, performance luxury marketplace. Well, it seems that the letter 'L' has been dispatched in order to make room for the real performance division ...


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