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    Report: Ireland could allow "moderately" drunk driving

    On one side you have Ireland's measures against drunk driving: a maximum allowable blood-alcohol level of .05 percent (the legal limit is .08 in most states in the US), and statistics like the lowered limit and checkpoints having "decreased road deaths by 42 percent in the last four years." On ...

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    Video: Obama's limo gets banged up in Ireland *UPDATE*

    This is no ordinary limousine. Rumored to be built on a heavy-duty truck chassis, this stretched Cadillac boasts armor plating all around, window glass thick enough to stop bullets and enough high-tech communications equipment to run the entire United States from the comfort of its leather-lined ...

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    Top Gear reports Stig arrested in both Dublin and Mojave Desert

    Some say he has a problem with authority. Others say he's actually capable of being in two places at the same time, and getting arrested in both. All we know is that Top Gear is making less sense with every passing day. One of the BBC car show's myriad blogs reports that the enigmatic test ...

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    Top Gear faces mounting criticism over costly new stunts. Again.

    Top Gear fans greet each new season with more eager glee. Top Gear critics have taken to welcoming each new run with more criticism. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the latest "How dare they!" comes from a Minister of Parliament (MP) and Friends of the Earth, who want to run TG up the ...

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    How nice of them - EU lets Britain keep the mile

    What Car is reporting that the European Parliament has graciously agreed to allow Britain to continue using the mile a bit longer. How nice of them. The EU has just passed a broad measure that allows shops to continue to display imperial and metric measures, thus keeping Britain from having to ...

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    Irish politician wants country's drivers to move right

    We don't mean moving to the right ideologically, mind you. Senate leader Donie Cassidy wants Ireland to consider changing which side of the road people drive on. Like England, Ireland drives on the left side of the road, which might be a problem for an increasing number of people working in or ...

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    Wales to get first-ever auto show

    Who'd have thought the Welsh are required to travel all the way to England to catch an auto show, but it's true -- as of right now, Wales is the only country in the United Kingdom without its own auto show. On August 26, 2006, however, that's going to change. The first-ever Wales Motor Show ...

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    Low-tech the way to go with fleet vehicles?

    There was a time when the worst distraction to a driver was either changing the radio station or adjusting the HVAC controls. Now drivers have a few more items to contend with: cell phones; GPS navigation systems, CD changers; satellite radio; iPods; night vision; etc. Conor Kelly wants to do away ...

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    Happy St. Patty's Day to Ford!

    Hoist a pint of Guinness to Ford on this St. Patrick's Day - it turns out the automaker can trace its roots to Ireland. William Ford, Henry's grandfather, emigrated to Dearborn in 1847, buying land next to a farm owned by another Irishman, who would eventually become Henry's maternal ...


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