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18Iowa working on smartphone driver's licenses

The digital tar pit will eventually consume us all, but for now, we're still able to watch it swallow our analog lives. One of the next items to succumb could be your driver's license, at least as soon as Iowa straightens out the kinks. The Hawkeye State is working with MorphoTrust USA on an driver's license app for Android and iOS phones that can be used as a state-approved ID. Notably, the app wouldn't replace a laminated paper version, but either could be used to conduct business. Iowa is alr

4EPA: 2014 renewable fuel standards 'significantly delayed'

Biofuel Producers Get Happy, Frustrated

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not going to decide just yet how much biofuel to add to the national fuel supply in the future. Last year, the EPA said, for the first time ever, that it might reduce the biofuel component in American gas, but is now saying that the 2014 standards rule will be "significantly delayed."

27Tesla owners go grassroots to promote their favorite EV in Iowa

Company Might Be Forbidden From Selling Cars, But Fans Can Still Talk To Each Other

A month or so ago, the Iowa Department of Transportation stepped in to prevent Tesla Motors not only from selling the Model S in the state, but even from offering test drives. That move didn't sit right with some people, but it's not stopping the EV-curious in Iowa from learning about the popular electric vehicle thanks to Tesla's dedicated fan base.

23Iowa gives Tesla the red light on direct sales

The Iowa Department of Transportation was recently tipped off that Tesla Motors was offering test drives in the state. This led to the state DoT shutting down those test drives in West Des Moines earlier this month, according to USA Today. Tesla reps said that the company was just trying to offer test drives and wasn't actually trying to sell cars, but that argument didn't fly.

15Wyoming Is The Most Expensive State To Own A Car, Iowa The Cheapest

States with coast lines generally more expensive

A new report found Wyoming is the most expensive state to own a car, with Iowa coming in as the cheapest.

25Meet Shelby Mustang GT500 Miller, Iowa's latest hatchet-wielding criminal

Well, we've found the long-lost cousin of yesterday's Bentley-tattooed criminal from Florida. This is Shelby Mustang GT500 Miller. No, seriously. While his name seems just like the sort of thing we'd expect the Sunshine State to produce, he actually hails from Iowa.

28Iowa policeman barely missed by flying car

Sometimes in life we just get lucky, and that is exactly what two Iowa police are experiencing after narrowly escaping a pickup truck that careened off the road. The whole incident was caught on one of the officer's dashboard-mounted cameras.

310Police Skip Chasing Criminals With New Tracking Technology

James Bond-style cannon shoots tracking devices on cars which fail to stop

Police officers in Iowa are using cutting-edge technology to cut down on risky high-speed chases. Cruisers are being outfitted with high-powered cannons that shoot tracking devices at the cars of fleeing suspects.

28Tony Stewart breaks leg in (another) sprint car crash

Tony Stewart is proving that that things we love might not always be good for us. After a big tumble across an Ontario short track, the driver of the number 14 car and co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing had another incident, this time at a half-mile dirt track in Oskaloosa, IA. And unlike that last crash, Stewart sustained some pretty bad injuries.

6Police Officer Pulls Teenager From Fiery Car Wreck

College intern was along for ride with cop when teen crashed

A police officer and college intern saved the life of an unconscious teenager on Sunday night, pulling the injured man from a burning car.

57Bus drivers fired for illegal street racing with students on board

"Even Mitchell knows, racing a school bus full of kids is never a good idea," says the newscaster. And Mitchell Brennan is only seven years old.

31Hurricane Sandy to raise prices on used cars

The immediate impact of Hurricane Sandy was devastating, and the storm's ripple effects will continue to be felt in the weeks and months ahead as communities work to recover. One side effect becoming apparent is Sandy's influence on the used car market.

AddIowa ethanol group gets Romney's support, but will it be enough?

The current and past presidents of Iowa Renewable Fuels Association were able to chat with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Tuesday, asking for his endorsement of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and ethanol. IRFA president Brad Albin and past president Walt Wendland approached Romney and put him on the spot while an associate filmed (watch it below). Romney's response? "I do support the RFS and ethanol." Albin works for Renewable Energy Group and Wendland with Golden Grain

69Polaris to move Indian production to Spirit Lake, Iowa

According to The Kneeslider, Polaris is moving production of Indian Motorcycles from Kings Mountain, North Carolina, to Spirit Lake, Iowa. While it isn't an ideal situation for those who build Indians in North Carolina, it will keep the historic brand American made.

AddElk Horn, Iowa installs first electric car charging stations in new "Pony Express" lane

Elk Horn, Iowa's website says it is located, "In the heart of Southwest Iowa's picturesque countryside." Google Maps shows just how remote the town is, so it is clear that to make this place a forward-thinking electric vehicle destination takes a bit of chutzpah. While most EV advocates and manufacturers see electric cars as urban runabouts for the near future, Elk Horn businessman Mike Howard thinks that it makes sense to build eight EV charging stations in town. Four – one is solar, the

AddObama green car update: working with Better Place? going pro-ethanol with Vilsak?

Photo by BohPhoto. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

AddAnother offer for cheap E85 in SD and IA

Driving around South Carolina and Iowa in a flex-fuel vehicle? Time for you to fill up your tank with E85 at a promotional price on Wednesday, July 23, a Kum & Go station in Elk Point, South Dakota. The stations with the odd spelling are offering E85 for $1.85 a gallon. The following day, July 24, the Kum & Go in Sloan, Iowa is matching the deal offered at the South Dakota station. Both fuel promotions begin at 10 a.m. and end at 2 p.m., and are being sponsored by Kum & Go, the Amer

AddBiomass to ethanol process aims for efficiency, and 1,500 degrees F

A team of researchers at Iowa State University is developing a new system which promises biomass-sourced ethanol at very efficient production levels. The system, described as an "integrated system of thermochemical and catalytic technologies" is ready to use any kind of biomass, such as cornstalks, to obtain ethanol.

AddCheap ethanol in Iowa Springs tomorrow

Photo by laffy4k. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

AddHoly pipeline, Batman: Midwest-to-East-Coast route a possibility

There has been talk of a continental U.S. ethanol pipeline before. Back in 2006, Senators Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Richard Lugar (R-IN) proposed legislation on the issue, but it didn't get very far. The idea didn't die, though. This past week, Magellan Midstream Partners and Buckeye Partners announced that the two companies would begin thinking about building a 1,700-mile pipeline across half the continent to bring ethanol from the corn states of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and South Dakota to Pennsy

AddIowa legislators to kill ethanol-pump-label law to increase ethanol sales

By law, if a pump in Iowa provides gas that contains ten percent ethanol (an amount that is safe for almost all cars), the pump must have a label stating that the fuel contains ethanol. This can turn off some buyers who might be worried about the alcohol's lower energy content, and that equals lower sales of ethanol. This might change thanks to Iowa State Senator Jack Kibbie, who introduced legislation that would allow gas stations to remove the ethanol identification stickers. Sen. Kibbie says,

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