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    Official: Lincoln trumpets $129M investment, 300 new jobs in Louisville for MKC

    Remember when we used to talk about how close Lincoln was to being axed and how it seemed any day now the Grim Reaper would use it as a car service back to the grave? Last time we did it was, oh, not even a month ago. What a difference 27 days makes: Ford and Lincoln are trumpeting a $129M ...

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    Report: Mercedes increases stake in Aston Martin

    As part of an increasingly close partnership, Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler is reportedly preparing to increase its stake in Aston Martin by another one percent, bringing the German automaker's shares in the British company up to five percent. The rapprochement between the two has been in ...

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    Report: Audi investing $30.3 billion through 2018 for product expansion

    How does Audi plan to reach two million units in annual sales and pay for the 11 new models it's adding to its lineup – an expansion that may include models named SQ2, Q9 and F-Tron? By increasing its investment to 22 billion euros ($30.3 billion US) between now and 2018. That figure ...

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    Report: Investing in blue-chip classic cars has been lucrative this decade

    There's always a financial risk with investing in collectibles – and that includes cars. They must be maintained and stored, which costs more money, and ultimately sold (they're investments, right?). On top of that, if they're driven, they can be damaged or just lose value with more miles. ...

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    Report: China continues foreign automotive investment incentives after all

    China has reversed a policy that would have nixed incentives for investments from foreign automakers, paving the way for further expansion by General Motors, Volkswagen and others. Legislators had removed automotive manufacturing from the list of industries that would receive government support ...

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    Official: Opel getting 5.2 billion dollar investment from GM

    Never fear, Opel fans. General Motors isn't sending the brand out to pasture. The European automaker is set to receive a massive $5.2 billion investment from GM between now and 2016 as part of a larger effort to solidify Opel as GM's design and manufacturing backbone in Europe. Opel plans to ...

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    Report: Canada lagging behind U.S. auto recovery

    The Detroit Three are in much better financial shape than three years ago. General Motors and Ford are now profitable, and Chrysler appears poised to begin making real money soon. That success has lead to plans to spend billions of dollars on North American plants, but Automotive News reports ...

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    Pink Floyd's Nick Mason headlining classic car investment group?

    Nick Mason drives the 1937 Auto Union Type D at Goodwood
    Classic rock fans recognize Nick Mason as the drummer from Pink Floyd, but classic car enthusiasts know him just as well for his automobile collection and regular column in Octane magazine. Now the musician/car nut is headlining a ...

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    REPORT: VW chooses Mexican plant for new compact sedan

    Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 Special Edition - Click above for hi-res image gallery
    Adding a vote of confidence to Mexico's struggling auto industry, Volkswagen has announced that it will begin assembly of a new compact car (working title "New Compact Sedan") in the country next year. The German automaker ...

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    REPORT: Toyota bankrolling $500 million into Indiana plant; no comment on NUMMI

    The world's biggest automaker has confirmed that it is investing 44.9 billion yen (or about $467.2 million at current exchange rates) to upgrade its Indiana plant. Toyota Motor Corp. will reportedly spend the next three months retooling in order to build its Sequoia and Highlander SUVs on the same ...

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    Qatar pondering taking stake in Porsche?

    The worst secret in the universe is that there's a lot of money in the Middle East and the Gulf states are looking all over the world for places to put it. Abu Dhabi's Aabar investment spent €1.95 billion on a 9.1% stake in Daimler (around $2.5B USD), and now the state of Qatar is eying what ...

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    Good Karma: Fisker investors reportedly bring in $85 million in capital

    Fisker Karma - Click above for a hi-res gallery
    Hybrid propulsion or not, wunder-designer Henrik Fisker couldn't have picked a worse time be to starting a new car company...especially in the United States. Fisker has been adamant that his company will get off the ground and begin production of its ...

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    Kuwait firm puts Aston Martin stake in play for sale

    The ink isn't dry on the contracts and the ownership transfer won't even be complete for another thirty days. However, Kuwaiti firm Investment Dar and its partner Adeem Investment Company are planning to put their stake up for sale. The consortium that purchased Aston was led by Dave Richards, ...

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    Ford ends day at 3-week high thanks to Toyota talk

    Ford Motor Company was quick to issue a brief statement regarding the meeting that took place between its CEO, Alan Mulally, and executives from Toyota last week in Japan in order to quell speculation of an alliance or partnership, but news of the meeting had a very positive effect on the Blue ...

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    Toyota to dramatically outspend GM in capital investment

    As Toyota continues to rake in money hand-over-fist, it intends to bolster its fight for the #1 spot by increasing the money it spends on capital investment. The company's latest financial report pegs the automaker's capital spending for the current fiscal year at a whopping $14 billion - a ...

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    Toyota toots horn on billboards across America

    Toyota has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at educating Americans about the company’s involvement in and importance to the U.S. economy. The billboards highlight such facts as 386,000 jobs have been created in this country by Toyota and the company’s invested $13 billion in ...


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