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Does Elio's OTC trading provide legitimacy?

Elio has begun selling shares on OTCQX. Does this prove it's not a scam?


Reuters reports that Chinese conglomerate BAIC is in talks to take 'a major stake' in Daimler. If a deal is done, BAIC will be one of Daimler's largest shareholders.


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Toyota is preparing to sell $4.2 billion in special stock that would lock investors in for five years, but pay a higher dividend and could be sold back to Toyota at the issue price so investors wouldn't make a loss.


There's always a financial risk with investing in collectibles – and that includes cars. They must be maintained and stored, which costs more money, and ultimately sold (they're investments, right?). On top of that, if they're driven, they can be damaged or just lose value with more miles. But lately, the rate of return from investing in some collectibles – particularly classic cars – has been much higher than that of traditional investments, The Economist reports.


When it comes to spending money, Volkswagen, as the No Fear shirts used to say, "Ain't skeered." Europe is reportedly headed for a 17-year low in annual car sales, VW share is down 0.6 percent on The Continent and manufacturing overcapacity is estimated to be around 30 percent industry-wide. That is making the ability to accurately predict Europe's future less easy by the day, so VW's solution is to shorten the timeline and spend more money. Last year the German company said it would invest $83.


Tesla Marketing VP Darryl Siry has penned an article for VentureBeat on the topic of investing in alternative fuel car manufacturers. Investing in this field is no simple matter. As anyone watching Tesla over the past year can see, it's tough to launch a car company even if you've got a decent amount of funding behind you. Small investors will have a tough time finding a place to put some money since many of the independent companies in the field aren't public. Those involved in the venture cap

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