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    Video: Inventor creatively side-steps pickup problem

    One Minnesota inventor may have just created a better bed step. While Ford offers a pickup bed step that slides out of the top of the tailgate on its F-150, that particular step can't be used when towing. Now, one man has devised his own step that slides out of the side of the tailgate. Myron ...

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    Video: Russian strap-on tank conversion kit?

    Russian strap-on tank treads – Click above to watch video
    If you're Ken Block, you replace the four wheels on your Subaru with a set of Mattracks. If you're an enterprising inventor in Chelyabinsk, Russia with leftover tread assemblies from what looks like construction machinery, you make ...

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    Gentlemen, Start Your Lasers: Ford dumping spark plugs in favor of focused light?

    In a breakthrough that may make vehicle starting issues due to fouled plugs or inclement weather a thing of the past, engineers at Ford have reportedly teamed with scientists at Liverpool University to develop a laser beam ignition system to replace ye olde spark plug. The researchers claim their ...


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